Whether you run a trampoline park, ninja assault course, inflatable venue or soft play, your active entertainment venue is the perfect day out for families and groups of all shapes and sizes.

There is no wonder that the indoor entertainment industry is booming. UK family entertainment centres (FECs) alone are predicted to hit a value of $1755.06 million by 2027. With May half term and the long summer holidays fast approaching it is a great time to start thinking about your strategy to maximise bookings and shout from the rooftops why your active entertainment venue is THE place for a family day out.

6 Reasons That Indoor Entertainment Centres Are THE Family Day Out and How to Make Your FEC The Go To Venue in Your Area

1. There’s something for everyone

Most family days out consist of a variety of ages a mixture of friends, cousins, grown ups, teens, tweens, toddlers, babies. It can be difficult to agree on a location that caters for everyone’s needs and that will keep all of the group entertained so that the day out is an enjoyable one with less chance of boredom setting in and the inevitable onset of tantrums.

The great thing about an indoor entertainment centre is that they really do have something for everyone. And the best part is that it is all under one roof. No need for families to split up, the day can be enjoyed together. Younger children can safely play on the soft play or inflatables with children of their own age.

Older children will enjoy activities such as the trampoline park or climbing where they can feel independent as they go crazy with their friends, siblings, cousins, neighbours or new friends they make. All under the (discreet) watchful eye of the adult members of their party.

Teenagers love the competitive element of a ninja course. Not to mention many adults!

For those adults who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground good snacks and hot coffee will keep them happy while the kids are entertained.

Added Bonus: The more you offer the longer families will stay at your venue and the more opportunities you have to upsell.


2. Value For Money

With the way costs are rising at the moment finding something fun for the family to do at an affordable price is not an easy task. Parents, more than ever, will be seeking value for money. It isn’t just about being cheap it is about offering value.

Adding value to your offer is one of the best ways to attract families and keep them coming back. Discounts for rebooking, free gifts, free coffees, a loyalty scheme, there are a plethora of choices that add value to your active entertainment venue.

We have an amazing choice of customisable merchandise that you can offer as incentives to maximise your bookings.

Added Bonus: Adding value will naturally encourage rebooking, positive reviews and recommendations.


3. Whatever The Weather

The Great British Weather is well known for its unpredictability. And sometimes it is simply not appealing to spend the day trudging around soggy and miserable! A huge bonus of an indoor entertainment venue is that they are just that – Indoors.

Whether the weather is rain, wind or snow families will still be able to enjoy a fulfilling family day out, without the need for waterproofs and wellies. Booking in advance is no issue and rainy day returns are not a consideration for your venue as it is good to go no matter what.

Of course there are the times when it is so hot outside that parents actually want to keep their kids out of the sun. Again the indoor entertainment venue is a great place to spend the day safe from the midday sun and heat with the benefit of air con. Kids still get to run around without the danger of overheating and burning. Perfect for little ones and those sensitive to the sun.


4. Exercise

It can be hard work getting kids off devices. The argument that they need to exercise isn’t really going to cut it. Parents will be a little more sneaky than that. An indoor active entertainment venue is the perfect place for parents to get their kids exercising without them even realising. Kids will be having so much fun that they won’t see it as a chore. One point to the parents.

Adults are welcome to join in the fun too, getting the endorphins flowing with some fun exercise. Have you seen our exciting range of custom branded fitness products? 

Custom Branded Fitness Products

5. Feed The Troops

An excellent way to add value, so good that it deserves its own point, is by offering food as part of the entrance package. Eating out can be expensive. Knowing that the kids are taken care of on the family day out is a huge bonus to parents. Firstly, no need to worry about a packed lunch and secondly, it is incredibly cost effective. For families watching the pennies an inclusive entrance package is going to be something to shout about.

Added Bonus: Adults are bound to buy a snack or drink while the kids enjoy their lunch. This also encourages groups to stay longer at your indoor activity venue.


6. Safety First

One of the main priorities for parents and adults supervising children in their care is their safety. Supervising a group of children can be likened to herding cats. Inevitably splitting off into different groups and running in the exact opposite directions. As the adults this can be pretty stressful. With an indoor entertainment centre the kids cannot escape. They are securely contained within the venue so adults can rest assured that they are safe. Now we are not saying that parents don’t watch their kids, not at all, but an indoor entertainment centre offers them the luxury to enjoy a hot drink while the kids play in a safe environment.

Due to the physical nature of active entertainment venues all staff are trained in health and safety and a first aider is always present. Our incredible grip socks are used at trampoline parks, aqua parks and soft plays right through to inflatable venues. We are the global leader in trampoline socks so you can be sure that we know our stuff and have developed the safest grip sock on the market. Plus our high tech range of staff uniform solutions will always ensure your team members are highly visible (as well as being comfortable for all day active wear!).


Why is your FEC venue the place to visit? Be sure to take full advantage of the coming months and tell everyone about what you have to offer at your active entertainment venue.

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