Customer retention is of the utmost importance for indoor entertainment venues. With an increase in activities to choose from it is crucial that you invest in your after sales strategies to keep them coming back to you and create brand loyalty. Quite often these are overlooked in favour of pre-sale marketing strategies. When an after sales strategy isn’t considered a priority a huge marketing opportunity is missed.

As all marketers and business owners know a warm prospect is much easier to convert than a cold one. When you consider your customers as a warm prospect you can see that looking after them is as important as attracting new visitors and therefore is worthy of investment of your time and resources.

Here we will discuss 9 after sales customer retention strategies that will keep your customers bouncing back.


Email or SMS Invite To Return

We have all been there, we have every intention of rebooking something that the family enjoyed and before you know it weeks have gone by and it has slipped down the list of priorities. When you send a previous visitor an email or text message inviting them to come back it is likely to jog their memory. Hopefully they will click through and book straight away.

Time your communication effectively. You don’t want to hound them, leaving a few weeks between contact is recommended. Tailor messages to go out as school holidays approach to maximise bookings. Your customers will thank you for the reminder to get their holidays organised.

Ensure that the text is carefully thought about, you do not want it to appear too salesy. A friendly tone reminding them of how much fun they had on their visit is most likely to strike a cord and prompt them to rebook. Invest in an automatic SMS application to manage your after sales contact and frequency.


Complimentary Coffee

Taking the invite to revisit a step further it is always a good idea to offer a little incentive and encourage customer retention. Many parents love an indoor entertainment venue since it gives them a chance to sit down with a hot coffee while the kids burn off some energy. What if their next coffee were free? Just a little gesture can make all the difference on a rebooking decision and is a small hand off in exchange for entry price!


Discount Next Visit

Offering a discount to returning guests is a successful way to ensure rebooking. Sending out a code for them to enter as they book works well as it enables you to track who is rebooking easily.


Recommend A Friend

Word of mouth is powerful marketing. If you incentivise recommendations you are more likely to see a rise in bookings as people encourage their friends to come along. Offering both parties a discount code, free drink for the parents or a branded free gift will lead to multiple bookings.


Social Media User Generated Content

The power of social media can be utilised for both pre and after sales. Ask that your guests use a specific hashtag and tag you into their photos while at your venue. User created content is considered trustworthy, since it is independent of the company. Real photos and videos of real kids having a great time at your venue will indefinitely attract attention and boost customer retention as a result.

Incentivise your guests to post their content using your hashtag by offering a branded prize to a lucky winner chosen at random monthly.


Upselling Party Packages

Make use of a follow up communication by telling guests what else you offer. A simple text or email letting them know that you also do parties could prompt a booking. Offer an exclusive discount on party packages to previous guests to encourage bookings.

Party packages have the potential for many add ons. If you would prefer not to offer a discount on the booking itself you can offer a free or discounted add on. This can be seen as having quite the value since it is not only a saving but also saves the parent time in sourcing trampoline park party packs and or favours. Our turnkey active entertainment venue party solution is incredibly popular with busy parents, the added bonus of a discount or freebies increases the appeal and perceived value of your package. For more information on how you can boost your revenue with parties read this blog.

Party Pack Solutions for Trampoline Part Parties

Loyalty Card

Just like you have at your favourite coffee shop a loyalty card is a fantastic way to keep customers bouncing back to your trampoline park or active entertainment venue. The principle is simple, visit a certain number of times and your next visit is free. For example: A loyalty card will be marked off per paying person at each visit. When the card is full the next session is free for one person.

It is worth noting that there should be some caveats attached to a loyalty card, especially if different activities are offered at your venue. You won’t want to leave anything open to interpretation.

For advice to keep all promotions legal take a look at this site.


Superior Customer Experience

It goes without saying that superior customer service will keep customers coming back and creates customer retention. It isn’t always about incentives, discounts and giveaways. Customer experience is crucial to ensure repeat visits. The customer experience starts when they decide to begin their search for an activity for the kids and it never really ends. The entire journey should be enjoyable, simple and stress free.

When focusing on the after sales customer experience, understanding their requirements and therefore communicating relevant information is crucial. One size most definitely does not fit all. For example you may choose to have a party email that is targeted to parents of under 5’s and another tailored to those with older children. Every correspondence from you should feel like it is meant for the recipient.

There are many email applications that can help you to design numerous bespoke campaigns quickly and help you develop your understanding of your customers.


Ask For Feedback

Finally, in order to develop your after sales strategy and understand what your customers want you need to ask. A short text or email following a visit thanking them for coming and asking for any feedback will help you to resolve any issues before they occur. By asking for feedback it keeps things off social media and allows you the opportunity to deal with any negativity privately.

When you ask your visitors for their feedback it cultivates a relationship of trust and shows a caring attitude.


Loyal Customer Rewards

Add special VIP designs into your custom sock programme or branded merchandise range to reward your returning customers with a special version of your existing products that will leave them feeling valued and other visitors jealous (and wanting one too!)


Which customer renetion strategies will you try? For bespoke active entertainment venue and trampoline park products, gifts and merchandise to boost visitor bounce back get in touch.