Cutting edge custom active entertainment products to differentiate your active entertainment business from the competition.


Fitness Products

Practical fitness related products that are great to use and perfect for promoting your brand.
Custom Branded Fitness Products

Tyvek Paper Wristbands

Samurai Tyvek wristbands are the recognised entry control and visitor management solution for trampoline parks and active entertainment facilities globally
Custom branded tyvek entry wristbands

Trampoline Dodgeballs

Specially created for the trampoline park industry to enhance entertainment options for park operators globally.

Glow Branded Products

Make your active entertainment facility stand out with glow active entertainment products.

Ninja Gloves

The latest innovation in Active Gloves. Ninja gloves enhance your customer experience whilst climbing, and will add an excellent additional revenue stream to your business.
Ninja Park Grip Gloves for Parkour

Create dynamic branding opportunities through key functional products.

Our range of active entertainment accessories are manufactured and branded professionally, and form a key offering within your venue when used as operational items or great revenue generators.

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Key custom branded products that generate revenue.

Custom Branded Active Accessories

Ninja Gloves

Designed, fabricated, and tested by expert climbers. We have designed and developed a range of custom branded Ninja gloves using a combination of fabrics to suit different requirements and budgets.

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Ninja Gloves Parkour Trampoline Park Gloves

Tyvek Paper Wristbands

With waterproof, tear and tamper-resistant properties, Tyvek Wristbands are an ideal and economical solution to organise the visitors to your park. We manufacture the bands to any size and print using a high definition UV process that Pantone matches colour and artwork design.

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Trampoline Dodgeballs

Developed specifically for the trampoline park industry, the Samurai Fireball Dodgeball is a coated compressed foam trampoline dodge ball option that is suitable for most hand sizes. The compression of our dodge ball has been specially developed to minimise contact injuries.

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Glow Range

Enhance your glow party experience by offering your customers a selection of UV reactive products. With our full range of UV custom branded products for active entertainment centres, Samurai provide everything you could possibly need to throw the ultimate glow event.

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Plush Toys and Mascots

The perfect branded item to appeal to your key demographic – kids! We are experienced in recreating a design concept into a quality, safety compliant plush soft toy and they will all be manufactured to conform to the approved standards. Plush toys can be offered for retail sale, as a gift for birthday parties, or even in grabber machines to encourage user interaction and sales.

We can even create you a custom mascot costume to really bring your brand character to life!

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Bespoke Soft Toys Plush Characters

Fitness Products

Practical fitness related products that are great to use and perfect for promoting your brand. Your trampoline park or active entertainment facility can appeal to a whole new audience with a fitness schedule. Fitness class enthusiasts love branded merchandise as it gives them a sense of belonging within a group activity – we can create a stylish range of active entertainment products that will help boost your merchandise sales.

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Foam Cubes

We provide the best quality foam cubes on the market. In a choice of either stock colours or custom colours for larger orders, in a selection of qualities and cut into optimal 20cm cubes, they come ready to use.

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