Being a new parent can be a lonely time, especially for those who entered parenthood during lockdown. As life is returning to normality, parents are eager to get out and about with their little ones. Many companies are already seeing the rewards of creating activities and sessions for parents to entertain the whole family, but the potential Active Entertainment Business benefits of toddler, child and parent sessions are huge! 

There is a great opportunity for active entertainment venues to look at how they can engage with the toddler market. Often active entertainment venues such as Aqua Parks or Go Karting facilities can only cater to older children, which excludes a large potential customer base of parents with multiple children spanning age groups. If you can offer a range of activities to keep children of all ages entertained you will have the ability to fend off competition and boost your bottom line by captivating the entire family’s attention for hours, thereby improving customer retention with repeat visits.

The Active Entertainment Business Benefits of toddler groups for parents and their toddlers:


They allow boisterous toddlers to burn off some of their boundless energy in a safe, but fun environment. Parents can take a welcome break and enjoy a cup of something hot with peace of mind that their children are safe and can’t go anywhere. Whether they’re jumping on the trampoline or racing around an inflatable circuit, you’ll be sure that they will sleep well that night!


Raising a child, especially in the early years, is hard. Parents are constantly questioning whether things are normal and if they are doing things right. A toddler class gives parents a sense of community and allows the transfer of knowledge in an informal, relaxed environment.


Socialisation is crucial for a child’s development. This is one of the main reasons that parents take their children to toddler groups.  Running one of these classes in your active entertainment park will allow the children to have lots of fun but learn also learn to share and interact with their peers before starting school or nursery.

It is not exclusively for the children either. Parents need social time too; when they spend a lot of time around toddlers, a chat with adults with a nice hot coffee is a welcome addition to their weekly schedule. Make sure your café area is well equipped with a range of appealing toddler snacks and drinks, plus plenty of treats for parents!

Aids development

Although a toddler group or play session may look like them “just playing” there is no such thing. Children learn through play, even unstructured free play. A soft play centre helps to develop gross motor skills, messy play helps fine motor skills, the group environment develops friendships and sharing. The physical element of playing is good for a child’s health and the mindfulness of sensory activities can be beneficial to their wellbeing.

Many activities encourage problem solving, understanding and consequences in a safe, supervised environment.

There is no wonder that we have seen a baby class in active entertainment venues boom post lockdown.

 Active Entertainment Business Benefits of Toddler and Parent Activities - Soft Play Indoor Playground FEC Trampoline Park

Toddlers are full of energy! Parents are looking for fun and affordable ways to keep them entertained. There are many ways Active Entertainment Businesses can benefit from looking at how they cater to the all important Toddler market

Could you add toddler based activities to your family entertainment centre?

Despite their huge benefits, groups that are tailored to toddlers are few and far between. Most areas are crying out for more things to do with fun seeking, adventurous toddlers. Why not take advantage of the gap in the market and use your trampoline or soft play facilities to their full potential by adding some toddler focus. There are a number of ways that this can be done with minimal initial investment.

Take a look at a few ideas below to see the active entertainment business benefits of toddler and parent sessions which can help your profits grow…

Sensory classes

Sensory groups and classes for younger children are a great offer. These types of classes are designed for children to investigate and enjoy various lights, sounds, textures and how their world around them is formed. Sensory play encourages interaction, problem solving and encourages scientific thought and develops a strong desire to investigate.

Benefits of Sensory Classes:

  • Aids brain development
  • Encourages exploration
  • Applies scientific methodology of investigation, experimenting and conclusions
  • Develops trust in certain situations by developing positive pathways
  • Encourages motor skill development
  • Develops problem solving

A sensory class in your indoor entertainment facility doesn’t need to be anything more than an area that allows young children to engage with their senses to play. Investing in sensory equipment such as lights, building blocks, tunnels, dens, fibre optics, mirrors, UV lighting, projectors is plenty to get started.

If you have the space, a sensory room is a fantastic addition to your active entertainment centre.


Toddler jump sessions

A toddler only session is perfect for an active entertainment venue or trampoline park that wants to make the most of their facility during quiet times. While the big kids are at school, let the little ones loose (with an adult) on the trampolines. Bigger kids love trampoline parks and rightly so – they are incredibly good fun! However, lots of big kids bouncing around is not the place for a toddler. The risk of getting inadvertently bounced or hurt is not worth taking but why should the little ones miss out on the fun?

Weekday toddler only sessions will keep your customers bouncing back for more, and make your usual quiet times during school hours busier than ever! Don’t forget that many parents will have to be back in time for naps or picking up older children so try to factor this into your session times to make sure you are as accessible as possible!


Rent out party spaces

If you have realised the amazing profitability of parties but find that these spaces are unused during the week, why not consider renting out party spaces? These rooms are perfect for a toddler group. Most toddler groups, such as dancing, music groups and gymnastics travel to different venues to deliver their classes. They bring along their own equipment and therefore are simply seeking out appropriate spaces. What could be better than one of your party rooms? Safe, enclosed and within an environment that is designed with children in mind. For them it is the perfect space; accessible, local, safe and clean. For you it is an extra income for times that your party rooms wouldn’t be in use.

More importantly, by renting out party rooms within your facility, you gain further exposure. Since your venue will be advertised by the toddler groups taking place there, your audience will grow. There is also the added bonus of cross selling as parents with older siblings may well return on the weekends and holidays with their bigger kids to use your inflatable or soft play facilities, plus they will be more likely to book a birthday party and choose your party packs if they already had a good experience. Did you know we make bespoke party packs?

Party Pack Solutions for Trampoline Park Parties ideal for Toddler and Child Age Groups

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Toddler soft play area

If you have a facility that is aimed at older children, like a trampoline park or ninja, then a soft play area is an essential addition. A family day out including toddlers is much more desirable when there is an area designed to keep them happy. A safe, small, soft play area that is specifically designed for smaller children who are perfecting their motor skills will keep them busy, and parents can relax knowing that their little ones are entertained.

Likewise, if you have a large soft play, a small area for toddlers will make them feel included in the fun without the risk of injury on the bigger equipment.

Toddler Soft Play Boost Active Entertainment Business

Role play

Much of a toddler’s knowledge and understanding about the world comes from imitation. Toddlers love role play. Mini kitchens, shops, play food, hairdressers, dolls, pushchairs, tills pretty much anything that mimics real life. Setting up a role play area will keep toddlers happy for hours as they play pretend.


Toddler custom branded merchandise

The truth is that toddlers have their parents wrapped around their finger, as much as parents hate to admit it. They are hard to say no to. Toddler merchandise is definitely something that should be part of your offer. Think bold bright colours and fun characters. Our creative team have worked with many companies in developing brand mascots and merchandise that will appeal to younger visitors. Soft toys are always a winner and useful items such as bottles, bags and lunchboxes help to persuade a parent into an impromptu purchase. Branded clothing is great if you are holding a regular toddler group for inclusivity.

Custom branded products are an excellent visual marketing tool, toddler parents are quick to find out where a friend has entertained their little one – if you provide a good all round experience and have an eye catching quality product they will be keen to visit your venue with their toddler. There are many Active Entertainment Business Benefits of toddler and parent focused marketing plans.

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Custom Trampoline Park Grip Socks Benefits for toddlers

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