Active Entertainment Staff Retention And How To Recruit Effectively: Samurai Active Entertainment Products’ tips on how to attract, recruit and retain the right staff for your family entertainment venue. 

In the family entertainment business customer service is everything. It is all about making your guests feel welcome, safe and like they are looked after when spending time at your venue. There are many factors that will affect a person’s impression of your venue including its cleanliness, the ease of booking, a professional website, reviews, value for money, safety. When you run a family entertainment centre it is in your interest to keep guests and their parents happy to both keep them coming back again and again and also to ensure that your reputation remains exceptional.

You can have the best equipment on the market, the most up to date trampolines, ninja warrior or soft play, but running a successful family entertainment business is largely down to your team. Happy, friendly staff members who know their stuff will be the face of your business. A good team will help you to run your venue efficiently and keep your profits high.

Putting together a great team to help your family entertainment centre should be a top priority and attracting, employing and retaining them is a key part of a manager’s role.

In this article we will look at some tips that will help you in your quest for the ideal staff to develop a team to work together and achieve great things.


Attract The Right People

When you are seeking the perfect team for your family entertainment centre have an idea what it is that you are looking for in your candidates. This will depend greatly upon the type of activities that you offer. For example, if you have a ninja warrior assault course, fun loving thrill seekers will be more likely to embrace the activities. Be super clear in your job advertisement what exactly you are looking for and share the aspects of the role that you know will attract the right candidates.

If you are planning on offering classes, this may attract trainee sports coaches or teachers who are embarking on teacher training since it will be a valuable role to add to their CV.

Consider where you place your adverts. A targeted approach is more likely to attract the right people and save you sifting through a pile of unsuitable applications. Colleges, schools and universities are a great place to find enthusiastic students seeking part time work.

Remuneration is always a key factor in attracting the right people to a role. Monetary compensation needs to be fair and in line with the market rate.

Be clear about any training and promotional opportunities that will be available to loyal staff members. Be sure to make it known that you will look after your employees and value their happiness and well being.


Interviewing Your Candidates

When you have shortlisted your ideal candidates you will need to meet them. It is very easy for a person to appear to be one thing on paper, and entirely different when you meet them in person. Use the interview process to get to know the person as best you can in a short period of time. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut instinct. Afterall, being right for a role is largely about fitting in with the existing team. It is a good idea to have another person in the interview to give a second opinion when recruiting.

If your staff will be working with children, request that they provide a DBS or let them know that a DBS will be required if they are successful. This can then be completed prior to their start date should you offer them a position.

Always have an interview plan. Think about what values you hold as a company and formulate questions that link to these. Pose real life scenarios to see how your candidate would react or manage.

If you are seeking a staff member that you hope will become an active member of staff, running classes, activities etc add a physical element to the interview process. This is a great way to break the ice and give them a real taste of what you are about.


Train Your Staff

Once you have found the ideal candidates to fit in with your team the next step will be to train them. Have an induction and training programme that is clear so that new employees know exactly what to expect and when.

The training programmes should be tailored to the different roles. There will need to be some staff that are trained in first aid, others will be in the kitchen. Some will be trained to run classes. Make sure that your staff know that you are open to ongoing training. A first aid qualification is a great thing to have, no matter what your role in a company.


Company Values

When finding, recruiting and keeping a good team they really need to share your values. In order to do this you must be clear about what your values are. Staff that believe in a company’s values and share similar personal values are more likely to be a great fit.

Share what your goals are as a company and emphasise that together it is your staff members that achieve these goals. When people feel part of something bigger they are more likely to stick around. Which leads to the next point


Make Them Feel Valued

Everyone, no matter what their role in a company, wants to feel valued. Take time to consider ways that you can continually make your staff feel happy at work and that you value their input and contribution. There are so many ways to make employees feel valued:

  • Praise and recognition: Making people feel good about what they are doing is easy. If you notice that they have done something well, tell them. Genuine praise goes a long way to making someone feel a valued member of a team.
  • Rewards: Rewarding staff with gifts that they deem useful, helpful or thoughtful will help to keep your staff content. They don’t have to be expensive, as they say it is the thought that counts, showing your staff that you know them will make them feel good.
  • Training and opportunities: A staff member who feels stuck in a rut is never going to strive to better themselves. Offer ongoing training and opportunities to develop enthusiastic staff. You may have a budding social media marketer in your team, or the next Joe Wicks ready and willing to take on exercise classes.


Work Life Balance

No matter how busy you get as a company, always prioritise your employees work life balance. (and yours). Take care to ensure that staff receive appropriate breaks, time off and wherever possible be a flexible employer.

If you are looking to bring together your perfect team to make your family entertainment venue the place to be follow these tips, go forth and find your tribe.


Make them feel part of the team

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