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As the leading global supplier to the active entertainment market, every year we deliver millions of unbeatable quality and price custom branded active socks worldwide.
active socks by samurai

Custom branded grip socks not only offer an important revenue stream, they are an essential active entertainment product for maintaining health and safety standards in inflatable theme parks, soft plays and aqua parks across the globe.

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Active Socks

Aqua park socks

Working closely with the aqua park market we have undertaken extensive market research and on-site testing to develop the perfect water sock solution for aqua park owners across the globe.

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Inflatable park socks

Developed by our specialist team alongside Inflatable Park owners, our custom branded inflatable park socks are the FIRST in the industry with a number of features to suit the inflatable attraction environment.

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Soft play grip socks

Our Soft Play Sock is the very latest innovation in active entertainment products, made with safety at the very core  specially for soft play grip centres. Perfect for active little ones, our specialist soft play grippy sock provides traction for climbing without hindering use of slides.

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Our high quality custom sock prices are simply the best value in the industry.

As the leading wholesale bulk supplier to active entertainment facilities around the globe, we understand the key ingredients that you require from a custom active sock and the services to support both established centres and new operators.

We work with you to create a bespoke sock with the perfect combination of safety, style, comfort and performance. Using your brand guidelines we will design, manufacture and deliver a high quality sock.

The Samurai performance socks have been developed specifically for the active entertainment market. We bring a level of innovation to this key industry component as there are certain performance features and requirements from a specialist active sock.

Our Process

1. Consultation

Initial consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable Global Account Managers to establish your sock requirements including the order volume, style, delivery locations, warehousing needs, destination(s) and the most cost effective and efficient delivery method.

2. Design

Full design brief including gathering any visual preferences, brand assets and guidelines. Based on this we provide a quote and our innovative in house design team will create a free of charge visual to show colours, design and the style of sock.

3. Sampling

Once the design has been agreed we produce a physical sample that is sent to the client, the socks then go into full production on approval.

4. Manufacturing

Throughout production our specialist factories undergo rigorous testing processes to ensure the same high standard of finish product is always achieved.

5. Delivery

With European and US headquarters we deliver to any location globally. After the socks have been manufactured they are delivered to the trampoline park(s), or can be called off as required with our online webstore and affordable warehousing solution.

6. Fulfilment solution

Benefit from cost savings of large order quantities without the worry. By placing large order quantities and agreeing to a fulfilment solution over an annual period not only do you not have to worry about running out of custom grip socks but you also benefit from a reduced unit cost and staged payments.

warehouse storage

7. Portal

Giving you greater freedom and control of your custom branded products. So whether you have one trampoline park or 100, you can benefit from a fully customised, secure, multilingual online global portal designed to perfectly complement your brand. Enabling your sites to order stock when needed, and helping you streamline your processes.

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