Activities for adults can benefit your active entertainment park

What is kidulting?

It is defined as adults recreating childhood experiences by participating in activities usually considered as being for children. Sounds fantastic – doesn’t it! Many adults are escaping the daily grind and really letting their hair down by releasing their inner child and taking part in “kids” activities. Any activity that is generally aimed at children, such as eating favourite childhood foods, playing with toys, board games and hobbies can fall under the kidulting umbrella. Why not make the most of this new craze for adults at your trampoline, soft play, inflatable or aqua park.

Anything that brings up feelings of nostalgia can be incredibly beneficial to an adult’s wellbeing. Research has found that participating in such activities can make us happier, more creative, bond with others, relieve stress, and help with depression and anxiety.

Why should adults miss out on all the fun? Being a grown-up shouldn’t be the end of playing.


‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’ George Bernard Shaw


What is driving the kidulting craze?

In short, adulting is tough. Work, responsibilities, bills, stress, and worry are all part and parcel of everyday life. It is no wonder that we need to blow off some steam. We are becoming more health-conscious and aware of the choices we make and the impact that they will have on our bodies. Healthy eating and drinking habits are favoured. Once again millennials are leading the way in finding alternative ways to relax and have some fun. Games nights and themed dinner parties are popular choices. Staying in is the new going out. Taking this to the next level, the emergence of immersive experiences that indulge the inner child are popping up all over the place. From live Cluedo games, adult mini-golf, ninja warrior, and aqua parks. Anything the kids can do, grown-ups can do too!


What can activities for adults do for your active entertainment venue?

Trampolines, slides and inflatable circuits are all pretty awesome. Most parents who visit an aqua, trampoline, soft play or inflatable park with their kids are itching to get up there and see if they’ve still got it. While some grown-ups are happy to throw caution to the wind and bounce away, many are far more reserved and opt for a nice coffee and watching from the sidelines. When you embrace the kidulting trend at your trampoline park you will make adults, who may be feeling a little embarrassed, feel that it’s okay to have a go. Not just making it socially acceptable but encouraging it as part of the experience of your venue. Adding adult friendly activities at your active entertainment venue will be sure to show an uplift in sales.


Embracing kidulting is the perfect way to appeal to a new customer base. Here are a few ideas for adding adult friendly active entertainment venue activities:

  • Active entertainment fitness classes

If you have ever been on a trampoline as an adult, you’ll know it’s hard work! A perfect hybrid of working out whilst having fun. Health-conscious adults are always seeking new, fun activities to add to their fitness regime. Add some branded merchandise and you’ve got yourself a great offer. Class enthusiasts love merchandise, a branded T-shirt or a bag will give them a sense of belonging. We can create a stylish range of branded clothing specifically for your classes.

Custom branded clothing for adults in your active entertainment venue - activities for adults

  • Corporate events at trampoline parks and active entertainment venues

For corporate events that won’t be forgotten in a hurry, invite them to use your active entertainment venue. Providing team-building events, breakout spaces for meetings and company parties is a great way to increase your revenue. Hiring out your park during term time will allow you to boost your revenue stream when it would otherwise be quiet. Tapping into the inner child of the workers will surely encourage revisits with family and friends.


  • Hen and Stag Dos

Hen and stag parties are a huge market. It is common for the Dos to last for an entire weekend and be jam-packed full of activities which are often kidulting at their best. Go karting, high wires, assault courses – why not trampolining or an aqua assault course? Open your park for hen or stag party groups at a time when the children won’t be there. You can put together package deals, much like with a children’s party, including food, booze and party bags.


  • Adults only nights

As we mentioned earlier, many adults would love to get up and have a go but worry that they may inadvertently hurt a child. With an adults-only evening, you avoid those worries. A party atmosphere with glow products, neon clothing, neon trampoline socks and a DJ will attract adults who are looking for an evening of fun and to party like it’s 1999.

Activities for Adults - Club nights for adults at your trampoline park

  • Lessons

For many adults, the desire to get up and jump or slide may be overpowered by a fear that they’ll do something wrong and end up embarrassing themselves. Why not offer lessons to teach them how to do tricks and stunts safely in the privacy of a small lesson. They won’t be able to resist coming back with friends and family to show off their new skills.


  • Christmas parties

Companies are seeking Christmas party venues that don’t completely revolve around drinking alcohol. Fun activities like trampoline parks or soft plays are top of the agenda. Be sure to tap into the Christmas party market and start advertising your packages at the end of the summer to guarantee a fully booked festive period. Why not offer some festive-themed clothing and Christmas socks?


Don’t forget to stock up on your socks! At Samurai, we specialise in supplying active entertainment venues with a complete range of custom branded products. We will design, produce, and deliver fully custom-branded grip socks, in a design unique to your park which is sure to appeal to customers of all ages. Get in touch today.