For anyone looking for activities to do with the kids there is a plethora of things to choose from. Make your indoor entertainment centre a venue of choice for families by expanding the range of activities that you offer and adding facilities to your venue.

Don’t limit your profitability by putting all your eggs in one basket. The more variety you can offer the wider your appeal will be. Many families and extended families have the challenge of finding an activity to cater for children of various ages with different ideas of what constitutes a fun day out. It can be hard work trying to please everyone for your customers and result in headaches over what should be fun.

Offering more for a family will mean that they spend longer at your venue and of course this will inevitably lead to more sales of food and beverages and will increase the opportunity to sell merchandise and accessories. Many trampoline parks are expanding their facilities to become an all round Family Entertainment Centre or Active Entertainment venue to increase customer appeal, retain customers and eliminate their competition. 

Here are a few ways that you can expand your appeal, open yourself up to new markets and enjoy all year round revenue opportunities with additional facilities.


Soft Play

Many indoor entertainment centres can benefit from the addition of soft play. Quite often small children are unable to participate in the big kids activities like trampolining, clip and climb etc. Families can either bring little ones along and try to keep them entertained or leave them at home. With a soft play area designed specifically for babies to under 5’s it gives them a safe place to have their own fun without feeling left out. Parents are happy that they are entertained, the bigger kids are happy, everyone’s a winner. Including you.

Happy kids and happy parents mean a leisurely visit, more refreshments and such well deserved children deserve a little gift right? Don’t forget we can also supply Soft Play Socks to further boost your revenue in this area!

Custom Soft Play Grip Socks

Ninja Obstacle Courses

Similarly older children can feel like they have outgrown certain activities. For example if you have a soft play centre it lacks a certain appeal to older kids. By adding a Ninja challenge older children will love to come along to the soft play with younger siblings. The competitive element of a Ninja challenge will encourage them to bring a friend along leading to increased sales. Parents, who are seeking activities that keep all of the children in their care entertained will be more than happy to come along and invite friends and family to take part in the exciting challenge that you have on offer.

A Ninja challenge can be added to many facilities to add a fun competitive element to your centre. Plus you can add extra spend per head with our Ninja Gloves.

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VR and AR

Arcades are one of the market segments in the entertainment industry that is set to expand rapidly over the next few years. Since gaming at home has become commonplace and more advanced offering something a little more immersive is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Installing a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality area will offer children and adults alike a fun futuristic gaming session. Appealing to all ages there are a variety of games available to suit the user. Our amazing network of Active Entertainment Industry Partners can supply your venue with specialist equipment, contact us today to be put in touch.


Make More Of What You Have

If it isn’t within your budget to add extra facilities right now there are a number of things you can do to make the most of the facilities that you have with little financial investment.


Exercise Classes

The exercise industry is huge. The global health club market is worth approximately USD 96.7 Billion. Offering exercise classes is a great way to expand your offer beyond a play centre. Classes can incorporate the equipment for a fun work out that is different to your run of the mill exercise class.

Classes open up the potential for branded exercise accessories – bottles, bags, clothing

Custom Branded Fitness Products

Adults Only

Have you considered opening for adult only sessions? Many adults are itching to try out the facilities but leave it to the kids to have their fun. In an adult only session the grownups can run free without worrying that they may hurt a child or want to be able to have time with their friends without children about. Appealing to groups of friends a fun addition would be a branded t-shirt to wear for their visit.


Party Packages

Offering party packages is a great way to expand your services without having to look at the expense of adding facilities but making the most of your existing appeal. Often parties are offered exclusively after hours at a premium price allowing you to enjoy some additional income. Alternatively a party can take place during normal opening hours. Either way a party package, complete with entertainment and food is a fantastic option, often chosen by busy parents who are inviting the whole of their child’s class.

With parties come parents, who will inevitably purchase a drink or two while their children are entertained.

Offering a party pack at an additional cost will be a great seller and great marketing as your branded merchandise gets out and about with the children after the party. Take a look at our fantastic range of Active Entertainment Party Supplies here.



Do you have a waterside venue?

Aqua Parks are increasing in popularity amongst older children, young adults and adults. The huge inflatables over a lake are the source of much fun and hilarity as participants try to keep on their feet. If you have a outdoor waterside venue such as a Wakeboarding venue or Fishing Lakes could you consider adding an Inflatable Water Park Facility to your venue to boost summer appeal with an additional revenue stream with the potential for parties and memberships on top of your existing business offering!

Or if you already have an Aqua Park you could look at adding facilities to your venue with additional experiences such as paddle boarding and wakeboarding. As sports that require instruction the price of such experiences is fairly high so your profit margins will be favourable.

Our Aqua Park Socks can further increase the revenue opportunities for Aqua Parks. Find out more on our dedicated site!

Bespoke Aqua Park Socks for Water Park Venues

With an investment in additional facilities you can’t go wrong. The family indoor entertainment market is predicted to be worth USD 52.59 Billion by 2028. Grab yourself a bigger piece of the market share by expanding your offer. Don’t get left behind, as the market grows make sure that you are growing with it. Speak to us today to see how we can help your business.