Looking for tips for a busier summer? As the weather is heating up and the summer holidays are well underway, indoor entertainment venues can face some of their quieter months. When the sun is shining families tend to venture towards outdoor activities and enjoy it while they can. If your family entertainment centre is based indoors and suffers lower numbers through the summer holidays, there are a number of things that you can do to boost ticket sales.

Keep summer bookings hot over the holidays and guarantee bookings for a busier summer with these ideas:

  • Whatever the weather – Just because your FEC is indoors doesn’t mean it is exclusively the place to go when the weather is terrible. When the sun is blazing and temperatures soar, outdoor activities are suddenly less desirable. With concerns of overheating, sunburn and dehydration, many parents will love an option that keeps the kids cool in stifling heat. Since an indoor entertainment centre is airconditioned it will allow kids to run around to their heart’s content without the danger of overheating. Tell the world about your AC on your social media accounts and see customers flock to your venue; especially in temperatures like the recent 40-degree heatwave!
  • Summer-themed events – Think inflatable flamingos, rubber rings, buckets, and spades – decorate your active entertainment venue and throw a summer party or several – Summer Sundays maybe? Advertise the events and spread the word on social media; you will soon see ticket sales soar. Add some value to the ticket price with inclusive food and offer every guest a free ice lolly or ice cream. Throw in a summer-themed party pack with some water balloons, fans and sunglasses for the kids and your park will be busier than ever!Bespoke-branded-sunglasses-busier-summer
  • Discounted entry – Throughout the summer holidays offer discounted entry at specific times. For example, a half-price entry on Wednesdays and Fridays or between 9-11 Monday to Friday. With 6 whole weeks to fill and the current cost of living, parents’ bank balances will thank you as you offer a reasonable-priced activity to keep their kids entertained for a few hours.
  • Staycations – The UK tourist industry is booming as many choose a staycation this summer. If you are lucky enough to have your FEC located in a desirable UK holiday location, make sure that you are taking advantage of the influx of tourists. Advertise in local caravan parks, hotels, and campsites. Ensure that you work together and use each other’s social media reach to let guests know that you are on their doorstep. Collaborating with local accommodations and offering discounted entry at your park to guests staying with them is a win-win for you both. They may see a rise in families staying at their park to get your discount and you get the additional marketing of your park.
  • Summer clubs – For most parents, the 6 weeks holidays can be a tricky time when it comes to balancing childcare and work. Many children visit holiday clubs; the kids have an amazing time and parents get childcare at a reasonable price. Hire out your facility to an established holiday club or offer your own holiday clubs to help parents out this summer, and as a result, ensure your venue has a busier summer.
  • Exercise classes – Of course, the summer holidays aren’t just about the kids, parents need to blow off steam too. Exercise classes are a proven way to release endorphins. What better place to hold exercise classes than an indoor trampoline or inflatable park? You have the space, plenty of equipment and a ready-made target audience who have visited you with their kids. Making an exercise class fun and interesting is bound to pique the interest of the parents, it’ll have the benefits of a workout with the fun of jumping on trampolines and racing around assault courses. Have you seen our exciting range of fitness merchandise products?
  • Parent pleasing – Sometimes parents just want to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that their children are safe. An FEC is a great place to let the kids run wild and burn off some energy while parents can catch up over a drink. Why not reward your loyal parents with a free drink when they visit you over the summer?
  • Parties – Adults only! – The summer holidays see a drop in party bookings for children, however, your FEC can open up for adult-only parties. Truth be told most grownups would love to give it a go but refrain from letting loose on the play equipment. When the venue is opened exclusively to adults, the danger of an adult accidentally injuring a child is removed, therefore they can feel comfortable running around, bouncing and sliding as much as they like. Remember to provide them with a fun-filled party bag so that they can really relive their youth.
  • Good food, good mood – Entrance packages including food are particularly popular during the summer holidays as they offer good value for money. Why not go a step further and offer “kids eat free” or “kids eat for £1”? In the current climate, this kind of gesture is a wonderful reputation builder.
  • Back-to-school offers – Encourage visitors with back-to-school offers. Include a lunch bag, bottle, PE bag or stationery that they can use in their new school year as part of a booking deal. When the end of the summer draws near begin to advertise toddler sessions that can be pre-booked for when the big kids are back at school.
  • Focus on drop-ins – Instead of focusing efforts on the usual areas such as parties and pre-booking, in the summer months take advantage of drop-ins. Make it clear in your marketing efforts that visitors are welcome to drop in. This will capture those indecisive families who are looking for something fun to do at the last minute.
  • Schedule visits from some well loved characters – We’ve seen a trend in kids’ entertainment venues lately offering character meet and greet sessions, these are a great value way to make your venue busier this summer. If you’ve got your own mascot, make sure your social media followers know when and where they will be appearing, if you’ve not yet got one read our helpful blog for tips on how custom characters can offer a boost to business. Arrange fun sessions themed around some favourite characters – we’ve seen a host of Disney Princess, Paw Patrol and even the hot craze for the summer, Minions visiting venues for photo opportunities.

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Happy Summer holidays!