Important Customer Update – Chinese New Year Order Deadline 2023

If you require your grip socks to arrive at your venue before June 2023, you need to place your next sock order before Friday 21st October 2022 – that’s next week!

Not to worry, our team at Samurai are here to help.

We understand it may be difficult for some of our customers to look ahead this far, but we must stress how important it is to plan for the Chinese New Year period to avoid any interruptions to your stock of socks and branded products.

Next year Chinese New Year falls on 22nd January 2023. This holiday extends for approximately 5 weeks where manufacturing in all factories will stop and vessels will cease sailing. The impact of this is of course far greater. The production lines and supply chain before and after the holiday get booked up causing a backlog, and ultimately extending the manufacturing time frames on goods.

See below for your guide to our Chinese New Year Order Deadline:

Chinese New Year 2023 Order Deadline

Ordering after these dates will mean that production of your products will start at the end of March and delivered (if by sea freight) by the end of June.


Why does Chinese New Year affect my business?

The Chinese New Year period is where all factories and the logistical supply chains close for a period of 5 weeks. The impact of this is far greater as it has a major impact on the whole production and supply chain before and after the holiday.


No matter how organised you are as a business, the Chinese New Year shutdown period can be a very stressful time without the right supplier.

We know this all too well. That’s why we’re here to help all our customers by relieving the worry and making the process as seamless as possible.

Let us help you navigate Chinese New Year successfully and stress free.
Samurai are proud to be market leaders in the supply of grip socks and custom branded active entertainment products. We have been supplying our global clients for over 18 years so we have a wealth of experience in minimising disruption from the Chinese New Year closure period.

Let us help you get your order in before the Chinese New Year Order Deadline, contact us now

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