Is a post COVID business boom on the way?

It was a year that will go down in history, but thankfully 2020 is now well behind us. With the confidence that multiple Coronavirus vaccines bring, a more proactive plan to tackle new variants and the hope that the warmer weather will help lift our spirits and slow the spread, the public are looking ahead this year with big plans.

Matt Hancock famously said: “I’m confident… that from spring, from Easter onwards, things are going to be better. And we’re going to have a summer next year that everybody can enjoy.”. Whilst spending time with family and friends is a priority for most, others are looking ahead to holidays in the sunshine, days out and making memories outside of the home.

Is the pressure on to make this time as special as possible for loved ones to make up missed time over the last year?

We know last year wasn’t easy for many businesses, particularly in the active entertainment industry, but public sentiment is improving. Essentially people are looking for the experiences that the restrictions and social distancing of 2020 have denied them.

We are a way off from changes to the rules and restrictions, experts have said people still need to follow social distancing rules and wearing of masks to stop the virus spreading. However with a vaccine rollout in full swing, the leisure industry could be in line for the boom we have been waiting for.

Your venue needs to be first in customers’ minds when looking for somewhere to have fun and make memories with their families, whilst also reassuring them that you are a COVID safe environment to be in.

Here are a few tips to help your active entertainment business bounce back:

  • Make marketing a priority – spend your budget wisely, and make the most of free channels such as social media sites, this is where your customers are looking for ideas! Make sure you are forefront of their minds for fun activities with the family, let people know you are open and they can have fun!
  • Show you value loyalty – incentivise return visitors, offer a loyalty discount or annual membership to upsell and guarantee repeat visits
  • Prepare and stock up – don’t let your grip sock supply hold you back when the boom hits make sure you have enough grip socks and other products to do business. Depending on your insurance, you may need to ask guests to wear new socks each visit – check with your insurer.
  • Offers and incentives – there will be plenty of other businesses competing for your customers’ attention, think about offers you can run to encourage customers to visit your venue instead.
  • Be adaptable – this year has taught us that we  need to be able to adapt, make sure you’re always following the latest updates in case it impacts your business
  • PPE is here to stay – even with the vaccine it is looking likely masks and hand santiser are here to stay, for now at least, look at on brand and on trend options to support your customers and boost your bottom line. Check out our range of fun, appealing and affordable masks, get a quote now

It is time to look ahead to a more positive year to come, many are hoping 2021 will see an end to the Coronavirus pandemic, and with it a much needed boost to business.