Did you know it costs on average 6-7 times more to attract a new customer than retain an existing one? Working on retaining loyal customers is just as important, if not more, as attracting new visitors. Improving customer retention for your trampoline park by just 5% could see a boost in your profits by as much as 95%.

If your trampoline park has been established for a while you may already have a loyal customer base, or have you found that everyone visits once and never comes back? Read our 10 simple customer retention tips that won’t break the bank and really work.

1. Reward loyalty

Rewarding loyal visitors is a tried and tested way to boost customer retention.  Making customers feel valued encourages loyalty and return visits, which will benefit both your trampoline park (revenue generation from repeat business) and your customer (saving them money).

One popular example of offering a loyalty card or point system with a reward, such as discounted or free clothing, accessories or bounce sessions after a certain number of visits. You could even pre-stamp two out of ten visits as an additional incentive to make it seem easier to achieve!

A ‘come back soon’ offer is also a good way to incentivise returning visitors, make sure you either give them a leaflet when they exit your park and regularly remind your social media audience of the offer. Hit them at a time when the endorphins from bouncing are still running riot to leave a lasting feeling of goodwill, and don’t forget to put an offer expiry date to make sure they return soon!

2. Regular events

Give your customers a reason to keep coming back with fun activities and exciting events, plus a constant stream of new activities give you an excuse to keep talking to your customers. Regular discos or party nights with a range of fun activities will keep people bouncing back to your park.

Think about alternative activities that make you stand out from the competition such as fitness classes, session dedicated to those with special needs, cheap times for young carers, sessions for toddlers or even adult only times.  Offering a different experience for when they visit will guarantee they will find a reason to come back.

3. Social media

If you aren’t using social media for your Trampoline Park then you are missing out. An active social media page will make your customers online ambassadors for your trampoline park. Encourage them to post reviews or feedback, photos and videos or comment on your posts, engagement between your social pages and your customers is key to retention! People feel important when brands publicly acknowledge them.

Use your social media networks to build lasting relationships with your guests by sharing details of what’s on in your park, their photos and videos, customer testimonials and details of special offers – the more engagement you drive the more business you will gain from social media.

Incentivise social sharing with competitions, ask your followers to like/comment/share/invite others on a specific post and choose a winner at random. You could offer an annual pass, or free entry with some key merchandise items to make it enticing. This helps you grow your audience with very little activity required by your customers.

4. Community feel

Anything you can do to help the local community will ultimately help your business. There are so many charitable events you can host that will benefit your local area, you don’t have to spend a fortune either. Organise sponsored charity events, family fun days or donating some profits, they will all go a long way to boosting your community and your business.

5. Great service

A side effect of providing excellent customer service is happy, loyal customers; similarly, poor service will leave your customers running off to your competitors.

Make sure your customers are well looked after by your employees, your trampoline park is clean and tidy, well stocked with visually exciting merchandise and grip socks, clearly communicate on social media if you are busy or fully booked so there are no long wait times, and generally have a great experience.

Amazing customer service leaves lasting memories and feeling of goodwill which will go a long way to boosting customer retention.

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6. Resolve negatives ASAP

Providing great service doesn’t end after your customers leave your trampoline park, maintaining an ongoing relationship will boost customer retention. Effectively and appropriately dealing with negative feedback is key to future proofing your business.

Customer feedback is vital for business owners to understand how to continue to improve and retain customers.  No one wants to think about losing customers, but if you can understand why they are unsatisfied then you can look at improving and resolving any issues. Don’t take offence to any comments or complaints, try to look at the situation impartially and think about how you can improve your service as a result.

Keep an eye out for any online reviews to ensure they are dealt with swiftly so you can turn any concerns into a positive end result.

7. Happy employees

Your staff are one of your biggest assets, when they go above and beyond customers will leave and tell others about the fantastic experience at your trampoline park. Make sure your team are well trained and feel valued (read our blog for tips on how to engage and retain your amazing trampoline park staff!), so they provide the best customer service possible.

8. Make it easy for them to get hold of you

There is nothing worse than feeling ignored, and even worse is a customer visiting elsewhere because you couldn’t provide an answer to their frustration, query or request for booking! If you have a Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account for your trampoline park make sure it is regularly monitored – it will make for more satisfied customers and also improve your outlook on social media. Make sure that after busy times you remember to return any calls and respond to emails in a timely fashion. Prompt responses are key to returning customers through a feeling of trust and reassurance.

9. Referrals

Repeat customers are usually satisfied customers, and happy customers like to share positive experiences with family and friends. You can leverage this customer satisfaction, not only to gain repeat visitors but to gain new business.

Word of mouth and customer referrals are powerful (and often free!) marketing tools; when making a buying decision, 92% of people rely on opinions from family and friends. Hearing about a personal experience at your trampoline park from someone they trust will help encourage them to visit. The likelihood is the people they are referring to are likeminded and in similar personal situations so are ideal future visitors to your trampoline park!

A loyal customer is the perfect advocate for your trampoline park. Refer a friend referral schemes work well in customer retention strategies, by offering an incentive for both the referrer and their friend they will be incentivised to act.

10. Tournament and challenges

A challenge, competition or tournament is the perfect way to encourage repeat visitors to your trampoline park. By offering a variety of challenges you can guarantee that there will always be something different to draw interest, which is key for customer retention. So whether they are returning to beat their previous score or their friends, competitive activities capture your customer’s interests.

Depending on the facilities you have in your trampoline park you could offer activities like dodgeball tournaments, competitive bounces (tricks, stamina or for a good cause), laser tag, obstacle courses and even activities like the latest trampolining/parkour craze, GTramp! Not only do events like these give your customers a reason to keep coming back, but they offer you plenty of marketing opportunities to drive even more visitors.

Loyal customers are key to your revenue so it’s time to start focusing on brand loyalty in order to boost your business. Speak to our team of experts now to find out how working with Samurai can boost your trampoline park.