In recent years the global Trampoline Park industry has boomed and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, in fact it has been predicted to grow from $1.4 billion to $3.23 billion over the next 4 years! Whether you are a franchisee or an independent trampoline park owner, while the marketplace continues to grow at this rapid rate, marketing is key to make sure your trampoline park is in front of your potential customers and jumps ahead of the competition.

Marketing is an essential tool for any business and doesn’t have to be complex or costly. One of the top reasons that trampoline parks aren’t successful is due to lack of interest because of poor marketing. By making the most of simple but effective marketing tactics you will increase your online presence, awareness and reputation, and as a result help your trampoline park grow.

Even if your marketing is controlled by a central team there are things you can be doing on an individual park basis to make your business stand out from the crowd locally. We have spoken with clients across the globe to find out their top trampoline park marketing tips, here are 5 key simple but effective marketing activities:

1. Online Presence

There are over 3.5 billion Google searches every day, the competition online is high and your trampoline park needs to be at the top of Google. When people search for your park directly they will often come across your Google My Business listing – if completed fully they will be able to visit your website, get directions, phone you and more, immediately giving your company credibility online. Your listing should be fully completed to not only help your customers but also improve where you appear in search results and put your trampoline park on the map.

Add your website address and phone number, if you take bookings online add this to the ‘Appointment URL’ section to make it as easy as possible for customers to book, make sure the location is correct, update your business hours (remembering to add any amended opening hours for public holidays etc), add services with keywords specific to the industry – don’t forget to add leisure, attraction, family activities to help people find you. Also make sure you add lots of exciting photos of dodgeball tournaments, apparel, parties and more!

No matter how good your trampoline park is, a few negative online reviews can damage your reputation. Customers with positive experiences rarely leave a review, whereas unhappy customer do often! You should at least aim to reply to all negative reviews to try to resolve the issue so when potential customers find you online they will see the positive reviews, accompanied by well-handled, resolved negative reviews. Also regular Google reviews will help you appear higher up the list in local search results and can encourage guests to visit.

You could even offer an incentive for customers to share their feedback (good or bad) – such as entering a competition or money off future visits to encourage reviews. As part of your staff training ensure they are always asking customers to leave a review on Google – your online reputation and presence will reap the benefits.

Yell, TripAdvisor and Facebook are just a few sites which may be displaying outdated, incorrect information or negative reviews about your trampoline park, which can give a bad first impression to a potential guest. They will struggle to book tickets or call you if they can’t access the information they are looking for easily. It can be time consuming to look through all the potential listings online but is a worthwhile activity so you can be consistent online and help people find you.

2. Local marketing

Known as a more traditional marketing method, local marketing has stood the test of time. Customers who live nearby are your bread and butter, and by working with local businesses you can get your trampoline park in front of them at as many opportunities as possible.

There are many local businesses on your doorstep who will be willing to work with you. Look at where your potential visitors spend their time, such as schools, sports clubs, restaurants/cafes and other entertainment centres. Produce eye-catching leaflets and flyers to go on notice boards, in windows and on reception desks, and you can repay the favour for them in your trampoline park.

You could also look at sponsoring nearby clubs or events, which will give you publicity and create a positive community feeling. Local businesses normally don’t expect you to spend huge amount, so look at sponsoring school summer fayres, charity carol concerts or even helping your local library. These will help towards your marketing efforts, and increase visitors as a result, by leaving a lasting feeling of goodwill with your local audience. For community events you could provide giveaways such as water bottles or t-shirts for prizes, or even free jumps at your park which will further boost your local marketing (and visitors!).

3. Social Media

Social media has quickly become one of the best marketing tools for trampoline parks worldwide. The way parents look for things to do has changed, now they turn to social media to look for ways to keep their children entertained. If they can’t find you on social media they are bound to come across your competitors and visit their cinema, soft play, bowling alley or trampoline park instead.

You can promote all the exciting activities, services and events you offer across your social networks, and add the activities you have planned to Facebook as events. As people start accepting, your event will be shared amongst their followers and then their followers, and so on. Don’t forget to share photos/videos across your social media channels, not only will people love spotting themselves in your posts but it can also encourage attendees. Just make sure you have permission from parents/guardians and anyone in them!

All the social networks now make it very easy for you to check which of your posts got the best reaction, then you can either reshare your most successful posts or remember what has worked for next time! Save time by using a social media scheduling tool – there are a huge variety of free options available which can enable you to schedule several posts at a time, saving you time and enabling you to easily reshare popular posts.

4. Content Marketing

Content includes blogs and news, information about events/activities, videos, images and more. It promotes your business and provides useful or engaging content for your customers, and the best part is that you can get started with little or no expenditure. Creating content will help with all your marketing efforts and you can share these on your social media channels and with regular website posts comes a better Google search ranking.

Videos are one of the most powerful tools for businesses by 2019, videos will be 80% of global internet usage. Trampoline parks have a wealth of potential video content at your fingertips with events and activities, customers showing off tricks, moves and ‘how tos’, and much more. Video can be costly but don’t underestimate the power of phone cameras, and a cheap tripod to stop any wobbly shots, plus you don’t need a videographer when you have team members right in the middle of the action! Home shot videos show authenticity, and customers will love to be in your films (don’t forget you need permission!). You could even go live with your video on your Facebook or Instagram – this is a useful tool if you are promoting an event, especially as your followers will receive a notification that you are live.

Keep your website regularly updated with events and activities you have planned, this is useful for your customers and Google. It also shows that your business is buzzing with activity which will keep customers coming back. Always link back to your booking page or add a telephone number, you want to make it easy as possible for customers to book their tickets.

We know it can take time to create new content so look at recycling old pieces – especially if they had a good engagement rate the first time around! The odds are that a large portion of your audience wouldn’t have seen the original so you can either reshare or update.

5. Merchandise

Branded merchandise is always popular with children, providing you with additional revenue and free advertising. Kids always want to show off the latest product or make their friends envious with the fun activities they have been up to, so by selling a range of eye-catching, exciting branded merchandise, accessories and clothing you will also gain added exposure outside of your trampoline park.

If done properly a branded products can have dramatic results. Not only does it allow visitors to take away a reminder of their visit, it also acts as a marketing tool extending your brand reach beyond the walls of the park. At Samurai Trampoline products we specialise in designing, manufacturing and delivering innovative merchandise for the trampoline park industry. We can help you market your trampoline park and drive additional revenue with our range of memorable branded merchandise, specially designed for the trampoline park industry. Get in touch now.