Celebrated by more than 20% of the world*, Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year, is the biggest annual Chinese celebration. In 2019 Chinese New Year is on 5th February. Although the celebrations officially last for a week, preparations and ‘Little Year’ start on 28th January, stretching right up until 19th February with the Lantern Festival.

You may be wondering why you need to worry now about Chinese New Year. Chinese businesses are typically closed for around a month to allow staff to spend time with their families. So if your trampoline grip socks are produced in China, ordering them in the run up to the Chinese New Year is likely to be delayed as the factories will be very busy prior to their closure.

As the number 1 supplier of trampoline park socks to the industry our aim is to ensure you do not have any issues with your supply of socks and other trampoline park products. By sourcing from China we ensure we provide trampoline park operators the highest quality items at the best possible price. Being aware of the potential impact to production timelines of Chinese New Year and planning ahead can dramatically reduce the risk to your business.

We want to make sure your park has always stock of grip socks and other trampoline park products, and that you don’t have to pay more than you need to for your items. Typically, production can be interrupted for 4-6 weeks across this period, possibly longer. Factories should get back to normal within a few weeks, however without proper planning you may find your stock levels impacted right up until Easter.

Do you know when you need to order your stock for next year by? We’ve done the calculations so you don’t have to, a little forward planning goes a long way to ensuring your trampoline park’s success. We have spoken with our factories in China directly to understand production schedules and any potential impact to your orders from the public holiday. 
chinese new year

If your order is outside of these dates and cannot be manufactured and shipped prior to the holidays, the following is the timetable: production will start on 5th March and by sea freight goods will be delivered around 31st May 2019.

However we offer alternative freight methods and a full program of stock socks, so please contact us for options to help you over this period.

Below are some handy tips and frequently asked questions about the impact of Chinese New Year on trampoline parks:

Are all Chinese suppliers really closed during Chinese New Year?


Does all of Asia celebrate Chinese New Year?

No, it is celebrated in Chinese communities across South East Asia and Vietnam also celebrate the Lunar Day itself. Generally only production in factories in mainland China is affected.

Why do I need to worry about Chinese New Year?

Factories tend to close 10 days prior to Chinese New Year Eve (4th February) to allow workers time to travel home to their families, so production can be interrupted for 4-6 weeks, possibly longer. If your trampoline grip socks are produced in China, ordering them in the run up to the Chinese New Year is likely to be delayed as the factories will be very busy before and after their closure. Put a forecast together now of how much stock you think you will need early next year, our team can help with this.

Ordering now is not good for my cashflow

We understand that cashflow is a concern for any business, but running out of stock is too! At Samurai we can work out payment terms to help you depending on the relationship we have, get in touch to discuss with our team now.

I don’t have the space to store more socks

Speak to us about our warehousing facilities that can be used to store your socks.

Is there anything I can do to get my socks quicker?

You can use Air Freight, but it will be more expensive. We recommend using Sea Freight as it is cheaper and better for your business.

Is there an alternative to ordering bespoke products from China?

We do stock generic trampoline park socks (stock socks) in bulk in our warehouse to cater for emergencies and for top ups. But please do not rely on our stock socks as we cannot guarantee having the amount and sizes you need.

So what do you recommend?

Order now! Don’t leave it too late as you may not receive your socks on time.

Why use Samurai Trampoline Products?

Samurai Trampoline Products are a global market leading promotional merchandising company specialising in designing, manufacturing and delivering innovative merchandise for the trampoline park industry worldwide.  We supply amazing companies like yours with incredible branded merchandise. As the global leading specialist wholesale bulk supplier to the industry, we provide millions of socks to trampoline parks in more than 98 different countries every year.

Through years of building professional relationships with factories and specialists around the world, we take the pain out of sourcing, manufacturing and delivering a top quality branded bespoke product for trampoline park operators worldwide. Get a quote for our high quality trampoline socks now or contact us to speak about your requirements.

* https://chinesenewyear.net/21-things-you-didnt-know-about-chinese-new-year/