As part of our series of interviews with companies that operate in the trampoline park industry we decided to reach out to Polar Krush. Polar Krush are fellow IATP members so we thought we would find out more about what they offer and if they have any insights to help park owners. We spoke to Michael Reid who is the Sales Director to ask the following questions:

1) Can you tell me about Polar Krush and what you offer?

Polar Krush is a manufacturer and supplier of sugar free frozen drinks and frozen drinks machines into leisure sites across the world. We supply the machines free of charge to sites so customers can buy our naturally sweetened, naturally flavoured and naturally coloured sugar free frozen drinks. We have been Polar Krush for 20 years and we were started by a father and son who were supplying ice cream locally. They noticed a need to for a good service and product and, that is how Polar Krush was born.

2) Do you work with trampoline parks globally? Which countries/regions are you servicing?

We currently operate globally in trampoline parks and we are looking for more countries to operate in. We supply parks in the UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and Spain. We are also working in Sweden and soon we will be in Australia and the Middle East. We aim to service worldwide with our unique product.

3) What are the benefits of working with you? Why should parks consider Polar Krush?

Polar Krush is a guilt free treat for children. As Trampoline Parks aim to be a healthy activity for children, being able to offer a frozen drink that is sugar free with natural sweetener and natural colour fits with what the parks are trying to achieve. It also passes on the correct message to parents.

We have a fantastic service and will support each site to generate more sales. We work to share best practice to increase sales for the parks and maximise profits. In the parks we work closely with we work to get Polar Krush to account for 35% of all food & beverage sales and around 10% of all revenue generated in the park. At the very high margin we help the parks achieve, it is a great opportunity.

4) How do your products stand out in comparison to your competitors?

Our product is more natural  than our competitors. We are sugar free across our range with natural sweeteners, colours and flavours. No one else in the world is doing that. Our machines are the most advanced in the world utilising the Internet to prevent breakdowns and increase sales. We are continually benchmarking ourselves against the rest of the market and we are always moving forward.

5) How does your business arrangement with parks tend to work? Are there any upfront costs? Do parks need to make a specific commitment from the outset?

We understand that setting up a trampoline park is a capital intensive process. We do not want to add to that so we offer our Machines FREE on loan. This means the sites only need to buy the product and we take care of the rest. We supply the machines, install them, train them and we will maintain them if anything goes wrong. We supply the parks with Point of Sale material and marketing support. We also work with sites to help maximise their sales as we work with around 70% of the trampoline parks in the UK, so we can advise on what works well and what will help to maximise profits.

6) How does your UK, European and global distribution network operate?

We want to understand the markets we enter as well as possible so we work with partners who have a better local knowledge. This allows us to offer our sugar free drinks and free on loan machines globally with a local service. We are growing very quickly internationally and our partner choice is very important as they are the face of Polar Krush in their country. We would rather not enter a market if we can’t find a suitable partner that lives up to our expected service and brand ethos.

7) Can you provide any estimates of the revenue that parks tend to generate when working with you?

Polar Krush will usually generate around 35% of the café spend when we work closely with sites with extremely high margins. We see some sites generating 10’s of thousands of pounds per month in sales of Polar Krush, when they embrace our product.

8) Can you provide any tips on how parks can use your products effectively within a park? Where are your machines best placed for example?

We have found that all children want to make their own colourful drink. They love to layer the product and have a lot of different colours in a single cup. To help increase sales we recommend offering the machines as self-service (where customers serve themselves). This will multiply sales by a huge amount, at least doubling sales. We know that children will push for it and will drive their parents towards it. We know that adding this theatre to a child’s visit also adds to the enjoyment of the experience at the park and remains memorable.

9) You work with other leisure and theme park operators so what can trampoline parks learn from these other business types to help them succeed and grow?

Utilising best practice ideas from all industries will help everyone perform better. One thing I’ve noticed with some companies in other leisure sites and I have seen it creep into trampoline parks too, is having too much choice. This includes adding in a lower margin product that will take away from your higher margin and revenue generating products in your cafe. We see this in leisure centres and theme parks where the sites could be making 70- 80% margin in their café but offer a product at a much lower margin as they feel they should offer more choice to their customers. This adds complication and complexity to their offering. Find out what works, is quick to serve and generates the most profit, limit other options and promote that high margin product. This is simple, quick and profitable.

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