What is kidulting?

Adults don’t want to miss out on the fun just because they are all grown up, there is an increasing trend for adults opting to revisit childhood experiences for fun. Often instead of going to a nightclub or pub, they are choosing to indulge their inner child by spending their time and money on more immersive and memorable activities.

Kidulting is defined as adults recreating childhood experiences by participating in activities generally considered for children, such as playing with nostalgic toys and board games, eating favourite childhood foods and taking part in hobbies and games aimed at the younger generations. Research has found that revisiting childhood activities can make us happier, more creative, bond with others, relieves stress, and even can help with depression.

‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’
George Bernard Shaw

Why are people going mad over this craze?

Being an adult is hard, demanding lifestyles and changes to drinking and eating habits favouring healthier options are steering people to search for alternative ways to let off steam. As with many new crazes, millennials led the way by searching for immersive experiences to indulge their inner child, closely followed by other generations opting for kidult activities. Now people of all ages are searching for fun things to do in their spare time.

How can kidulting benefit your trampoline park?

Trampoline parks should welcome this trend as a whole new avenue for increased revenue, with huge potential for your business. Other facilities in similar industries such as paintballing, bowling and laser games are all experiencing a surge in popularity amongst adults, as they become more socially acceptable for adults to enjoy without children in tow!

Trampolines are not just for kids! Get ahead of the trend by adding adult friendly activities to your trampoline park to benefit from the boost from your business.

Embracing the desire for kidulting activities is a great way to appeal to a whole new customer base, here are a few ways you can add adult friendly options to boost your revenue:

  • Fitness classes – adults are looking for alternative ways to keep fit and heathy whilst having fun. Class enthusiasts love branded merchandise, as it gives them a sense of belonging within a group activity – we can create a stylish range of custom branded clothing to help boost your trampoline park merchandise sales.
  • Corporate events – corporate events offer huge potential for trampoline park operators. By providing a range of teambuilding, meetings, company parties you can drive business and revenue as a result.
  • Adult only nights – avoid health and safety complications by organising special adult only evenings. Create an enticing package, include glow products and a put on a DJ to add value and appeal to a wide audience.
  • Competitive activities – adults love to get competitive too! Dodgeball, basketball style hoop games, battle beam sparring matches will encourage grown ups to keep coming back again and again!
  • Stag hen dos – minus the booze of course! There is a huge market in hen and stag parties, by allowing these at times when there are no children in your trampoline park, and offering special offers for groups (why not include pizza and a Polar Krush as a package deal in a party room to really play on the nostalgia factor?)
  • Seasonal events – companies are increasingly looking for Christmas party venues that don’t revolve around drinking alcohol, start advertising your trampoline park Christmas party packages at the end of the summer to guarantee a fully booked festive period – and don’t forget your festive novelty trampoline socks!
  • Lessons – show the adults how its done with tricks, stunts and more so they can show off to their friends or even kids, without the embarrassment of failed tricks or injuries!

Don’t forget to stock up on trampoline socks in adult sizes! At Samurai we specialise in supplying trampoline parks and active entertainment centres with the complete range of custom branded products, we will design, produce and deliver fully custom branded trampoline socks, in a design unique to your park which is sure to appeal to customers of all ages. Get a quote now.Wholesale-Trampoline-Grip-Socks-2