The festive period is a busy time both in and out of work, with packed social calendars and packed Trampoline Parks over the busy festive period for Park Operators. We’ve all heard the saying ‘New Year, New Job’, the end of December often leaves employees feeling burnt out and ready to look for a new job in the new year.

We understand staff motivation, retention and engagement can be tricky in the leisure industry but research shows that engaged staff are 17% more productive so it’s never been more important for your trampoline park. We’ve spoken with some of our clients to find out how they plan to keep their employees happy in 2019.

1. Recognition

Never underestimate a ‘well done’, ‘thank you’, or even a high five. Recognition is important to employees, praising them when they are doing well or go out of their way to improve something in your business will encourage them to continue with the hard work and will go a long way to boosting their engagement.

2. Competition

A bit of friendly competition helps to spice up the workday. Offer staff incentives for upselling or getting positive feedback and it won’t be long before your team is trying to outdo one another to get that afternoon off or those vouchers you are offering! You don’t have to spend a lot, often just winning and praise will help employees feel part of a team.

3.       Uniform

Providing staff clothing helps promote a sense of team spirit and of belonging. This can then improve worker productivity and convert employees into “brand ambassadors” outside your trampoline park. Uniforms also improve customer relations and provides your park with additional advertising, so the benefits of providing uniforms are endless! We can design and manufacture your clothing collection with flair and practicality, to create garments and accessories that are as desirable as they are wearable.

4.       Training and development

Personal development not only helps your staff feel valued, it is also a boost for your business – win win! It will also help reduce staff turnover and improve productivity. Training team members to be party hosts, upsell retail products and general training will also further improve your service offering. Determine clear career paths and ensure your team are aware, set achievable measurable targets and job levels, then work with your employees to help them achieve these goals. You will end up with better retention levels and more motivated staff.

5. Celebrate

Team building or social events can really help with engaging your employees. Try organising team games, activities or parties, whether they are subsidised or not, your employees will leave feeling happier and like they are part of a team. If you have a dodgeball court in your Trampoline Park why not host an employee tournament for them to blow off some steam!

6. Talk

A simple ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’ can be all you need to make someone feel valued. Take time out of your day to get to know your team and help engage your staff.

7.       Transparent

Updating staff on what’s happening in your business will also help with a feeling of inclusion and get them feeling invested in the results – lets them feel responsible for where they can improve. Well informed, invested employees will offer a better service. Hold team meetings and ask for their input on promotions or new team incentives, by giving them their say you make them feel heard and get their buy in.

8.       Honest

We all have bad days. If you receive any criticism or complaints about a member of staff, firstly find out the bigger picture, be honest about the feedback and work together to improve it for the future. That way negative feedback doesn’t impact their engagement, instead it is a way to move forward and improve. 

9.       Flexible

We know organising staff rotas can be tricky, but offering some flexibility over shifts will help engage your team. If you are able to, let your staff swap shifts to allow them more flexibility and independence – you will have their undivided attention whilst at work rather than daydreaming about what they would rather be doing!

It’s no secret that happy employees provide a better level of customer service, and with 70% of customers spending 13% more money when they get excellent customer service it has never been more important for your business to have a happy team!

Our key takeaway is that if your employees aren’t happy and smiling then your customers won’t be either! Creating a positive working atmosphere in your trampoline park will boost employee satisfaction, increase productivity, improve retention, and ultimately make your park more profitable!

Is there anything you do in your trampoline park to keep your employees engaged? Let us know!