It’s birthday party season! With the festive period over parents will now be starting to search for party venues to throw memorable birthday parties for their kids. Many parents are looking for a hands off solution to reduce their stress levels and the immense effort often involved in party planning.

Revenue from parties can boost your trampoline park profit all year round. The competition is high, your trampoline park has to compete with bowling, the cinema, swimming, laser games and more, let alone the DIY parents who are brave enough to host a party at their home! Children may also be key in deciding the venue for their birthday party, if they have been to a fantastic party at your trampoline park they won’t want to celebrate anywhere else! 

The key is to make your birthday parties the best in town to boost revenue and future business. Here are our top 9 tips to throw a birthday party that will keep people bouncing back to your trampoline park!

1. Packages

You can offer a set price per head with different levels of catering, entertainment, a cake, decoration, invitations and party pack items etc. Not only does this encourage a higher spend per head, you also offer transparency with a clear pricing structure making it easy for parents dependent on their budget or how much they want to take on themselves. Call your different package levels easily identifiable names – classics like bronze, silver, gold or 1, 2, 3, stick to a theme, or even have some fun with your park name.

2. Marketing

Ensure your website has a clear, dedicated birthday party section to make it as easy as possible for parents to find all they information they need. The easier you make it to book, the more bookings you will get, so for best results allow online booking, telephone enquiries or popping into the park. Also showcase what you can offer on your social media channels to help parents who are researching options on social media, photos and videos of recent parties will also help them visualise their child’s special day.

3. Themes

Help your birthday parties appeal to a wider audience by offering themed parties. There are many options like pirates, princesses, or even their favourite cartoon character or action figure! Tie the theme in to the decorations, plates, napkins, cake, trampoline grip socks etc. Or if you have a mascot in house then why not theme it around them and arrange a visit from your mascot during the party as an add-on or part of a package. At Samurai, we can supply you with a full range of branded items to make your parties really stand out including grip socks, party packs, apparel and merchandise.

Trampoline park parties generic bundles partywear

4. Adults

Don’t forget the grown-ups! Corporate events, whole venue hire, birthday parties or even well behaved hen/stag dos could be a big revenue driver for your trampoline park.

5. Clothing

Make sure your party guests stand out in the trampoline park with party t-shirts or coloured tabards and special novelty party socks. Not only will this help the party host parents identify where everyone is, you will create excitement with other park guests when they see how fun your parties are – marketing inside your park is just as important as marketing outside! We can supply you with custom clothing and trampoline park socks to make your parties unique, take the weight off for parents, and ultimately drive revenue.

Party-Trampoline-Socks (1)

6. Hosts

Make sure your party hosts are fun and engaging – you will be surprised at how fast word of mouth spreads between parents when they have a great experience (or equally a bad one!).  By offering games, challenges and tournaments you can guarantee the children will have a fun filled party!

7. Party packs

Arranging party bags can be an expensive and time consuming activity, by offering party packs in the package or at an extra cost will reduce the hassle for parents and boost your revenue. With our specialist trampoline park party packs you will also have a range of exciting items that children will love to take home, which will continue to market your trampoline park well after the party ends!

Trampoline-Park-Party-Packs parties

8. Hassle free

Make life easy for parents as the more comprehensive a service you can provide for the party, the easier you make life for the parents, the better reviews you will get and the more business you will generate. With hosts entertaining the children, food catered and even the cleaning up after you will reduce the stress for parents and enable them to relax with a coffee from your café and enjoy themselves.

9. Add value

By giving the birthday child a gift of free tickets or even a yearly pass will ensure they will keep returning to your trampoline park again and again.

Ultimately, the more you can offer parents, the better for you and for them. They will have a relaxed party experience, and you will see a boost in revenue and positive recommendations as a result. Remember – current party guests are potential future party hosts! Leave a lasting experience to make sure you are front of parents’ minds when they are planning their next party.

We can help make your birthday parties the best in town with our range of memorable branded merchandise, specially designed for the trampoline park industry. Contact us now to find out more.