As we bounce into 2023, your customers are embarking on their “New Year, New Me” challenges. January is synonymous with fresh starts and healthy choices following the indulgence of the festive period. The continuous fun and festivities throughout December come with an abundance of food and drink (justifiable as it’s Christmas) safe in the knowledge that come January, we all get back on track!  Dedication to a new fitness regime is always a very popular new years resolution but have you ever considered taking advantage of this in your trampoline park?


Alongside dry Jan, we see the highest uptake of exercise classes and applications for gym memberships in January compared to any other month of the year. Many see the new year as the best time to make the changes that they have been wanting to for a while. Couple that with the accountability of a new year’s resolution or perhaps a pact with friends and family to get fit and be the best that they can be, and you are left with a whole lot of people embracing the ‘New Year, New Me’ challenge. So, if there was ever a time to promote your exercise classes or even add them to your trampoline park timetable, it is now.

Due to the physical nature of trampolining, adding exercise classes is an easy step to take and one that is sure to bring you increased revenue as you appeal to a new target market.


How can your trampoline park benefit from customers taking part in the New Year, New Me fitness trend?

Hire out spaces for fitness classes in your trampoline park

In order to cater for parties, it is highly likely that a trampoline park has large rooms that are ideal for exercise classes. Marketing these to local fitness coaches is a great way to increase revenue with very little effort. Fitness studios can be expensive to hire and fitness instructors may not have the budget to pay these excessive hire prices. By offering rooms for hire at favourable prices, both trampoline parks and fitness instructors benefit immensely.

Firstly, hiring out rooms on evenings when they would otherwise not be occupied is a good use of resources. Secondly, the publicity that will come with the exercise classes is of huge value. All of a sudden, the venue is exposed to an entirely new target audience and their families. Finally, the upsell opportunities are vast. Refreshments are an obvious one but also branded merchandise; sports bottles, drawstring bags, t-shirts, the list is endless. The design team here at Samurai are always on hand to create the perfect merchandise for any class and venue.


Bouncercise classes

If you don’t already offer Bouncercise classes, you really should look into it. According to a study completed by NASA, a 10-minute bounce on a trampoline is equivalent to a 30-minute run. Trampolining is hard work. It works muscles that rarely get used and it is much more fun than running! It is an easy activity to add to your timetable. Either train a staff member to run a class or alternatively hire a fitness instructor to hold the classes. Hiring an external instructor will benefit marketing efforts since they will come with their followers.

Add branded sportswear, water bottles and sweat-bands (they definitely be needed) and custom grip socks into the mix, and you have some additional revenue streams. Although other merch is optional trampolining socks are essential to ensure the safety of the class attendees, plus, they are a great marketing tool for your business.

Take advantage of the new year, new me fitness challenges with Bouncercise classes

Dodgeball fitness at your trampoline park

Dodgeball on a trampoline takes the fitness impact to a new level. This fun sport is the perfect combination of fun and fitness. Most trampolining parks have dodgeball as part of their offering but marketing this as a standalone fitness activity will encourage new customers to enrol. As an activity that can be played in teams, different coloured t-shirts will be an ideal addition to the activity and enhance the competitive nature. Fabulous colourful designs are our team’s speciality. Let us know your vision and we will bring it to life.

Marketing classes to young adults and upwards will encourage cross-promotion as the attendees will share how much fun they have had at the venue by word of mouth or on their social media channels. Family and friends will be eager to give the trampoline park a try afterwards.


Promote trampolining fitness benefits

Of course, a trampoline park doesn’t need to add specific classes since they already offer amazing fitness benefits by their very nature. Simply coming along for a leisurely bounce will give people a full workout. The question is do your customers know about the fitness benefits? Promoting these benefits and possibly hosting an adult-only bounce session, will attract a whole new group of attendees.

Here are just a few benefits that can be promoted:

  • Core strength
  • Balance
  • Improved gross motor skills
  • Toning
  • Upper and lower body strength

Share a list of exercises with adult bouncers that they can do to make the most of their session. The good news is that there are exercises that are suitable for anyone, no matter their age, fitness level or ability. Attendees are encouraged to continue sessions as they progress through the list of exercises that increase in difficulty and manage their fitness journey – all whilst having lots of fun.


Bounce back every month

No matter what activities are offered you will want attendance to continue beyond January. Encourage block booking of sessions and adding loyalty schemes, and discounted sports items such as water bottles and clothing when signing up for a certain number of sessions. The more classes or sessions that they attend the more likely they are to keep coming back. It takes a few weeks to develop a habit, but once the fun exercise class becomes part of their weekly schedule, they will be locked in and won’t want to miss a week.

New Year, New Me fitness regime in your trampoline park

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