When setting up a business the first rule is to know your audience – an FEC is no different. Identifying your target audience and focusing on what is important to them is key to making your business a success. One of the most common reasons new businesses fail is because they cast their net too wide and as a result don’t quite hit the spot for their demographic. It is much more effective to target a smaller group and do it well.

This is where marketing a family entertainment venue can be a little more tricky. The customer and the consumer for this type of business are completely different audiences. The customer is defined as the person that purchases a product or service. The consumer is the person that consumes or uses it. Therefore, when it comes to a family entertainment centre you have two markets to please.

You may invest heavily in the things that you know will appeal to children (your consumer) however, it is the parents that are making the purchasing decision. Having the best, fun-filled adventures and activities is of course, essential in the FEC industry. Just be mindful that more often than not, your marketing is speaking to an entirely different demographic. No matter how amazing your equipment is, if the parents aren’t convinced to book then it won’t be reaching its full potential.

This article will share some ways that you can be sure that you are appealing to your adult audience – the customer.

An FEC to entertain the kids

Although they’re usually not the ones spending the money, kids are the driving force behind active entertainment venues. Parents will pay but only if they think that their children will be entertained. This dual-target audience can be difficult so it’s crucial that you appeal to both. A happy child equals a happy parent. When deciding where to take the kids for a day out, the parent will most likely show videos and images of your park to their children. Make sure you’re showing off everything your FEC venue has to offer with lots of fun videos and images of your park.


Value for money

So the kids love the look of your venue. The parents want to make them happy so they click through to book. It’s at this stage that the target audience flips to the booking adult. If they don’t see value for money, this could push them into booking elsewhere. Getting the right price point is important, however, showing that you add value to their visit will help you to secure more bookings.

We are living through a time where every penny counts. Additional offers that are practical are the best way to appeal to the person in charge of the purse strings. Added extras like meal deals or free gifts that are useful such as water bottles that can be used for sports or school or drawstring bags that are perfect for PE.

Find out what your target audience would find most valuable with customer surveys and give them what they want. You will win custom for excellent customer service as they feel listened to and you will know that your value adds are hitting the right mark.

Party pack for FEC's

Health and Safety in your FEC

Let’s face it, kids really don’t consider health and safety, so long as the activities look fun, they are in. Adults, however, have a far more sensible approach to the things that they choose to spend their money on.

Following the pandemic, people have become much more conscious of cleanliness. A rigorous cleaning regime is expected of a family entertainment centre, especially those indoors that can be a hotbed for germs. Reassuring customers that you take cleaning seriously will go a long way to giving them peace of mind to book with you.

Likewise, a parent or adult booking a child’s activity will be seeking assurance that the children will be safe when using your FEC. Maintaining equipment, grip socks, training staff in first aid, locking entry systems and age-appropriate equipment will all tick boxes for parents on the lookout for activities that their children can enjoy and give them some time to relax. This brings us to the next point…


Coffee and comfort for parents

It doesn’t have to be coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or cold drinks, the point is that you have a good choice of beverages for grown-ups to enjoy while the kids are having their fun. If you really want to convince the adults to book, throw in a free drink or a loyalty card.

Parents of older kids, who are happy for their children to use the play facilities unassisted, will be thrilled with a nice comfortable place to sit and enjoy their drink of choice. Be mindful of your seating arrangements in your cafe to make it a pleasant place for all of your visitors – young and not so young.

Keep parents happy at your FEC with drinks and seating


Food quality and hygiene 

Similar to the cleanliness of the FEC itself, parents will want to know that the food that they are feeding their children is good quality and prepared to the highest hygiene standards. Obtaining a food hygiene rating proves to your customers that your kitchen is operating at an outstanding level.

The food served in a family entertainment centre is not expected to be Michelin star quality, but it is expected to be of a good standard. Simplicity is fundamental. Sandwiches, wraps, crisps, salad, crudites, fruit, pizza, chips, and fish fingers are all perfect FEC meal choices.

Loyalty schemes for your FEC

Finally, as mentioned previously, value for money is imperative. Introducing a loyalty scheme is an excellent way to boost rebookings. There are many ways that this can be executed. A loyalty card is popular with a free visit every so many times. Alternatively, a season pass is a great way to offer exceptional value for money.

Another way to keep customers loyal is offering free gifts for returning visitors or ‘recommend a friend’ promotions where you both receive a discount.

Keep the parents happy and keep your venues packed.


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