Antibacterial Grip Socks with Anti-Bacterial Coating: Helping to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria in the fabric.

Cleanliness has never been more important, that’s why, at Samurai, we have been working hard to create solutions specifically designed to support our clients in the current climate. Introducing Samurai Antibacterial Grip Socks, the same quality trampoline socks, now even more hygienic.

Helping to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria in the fabric, the Samurai Antibacterial trampoline grip sock has been finished with a special treatment proven to reduce bacteria, with the additional benefit of warding off unpleasant odours. We have spent years perfecting our sock to make it the best available, with our specialist antibacterial protection you are then offering your clients an added feature to their sock that will reflect well on your business.

Offer the ultimate safety for your guests with a wearable marketing tool for your business.

Custom branded grip socks not only offer an important revenue stream, they are an essential active entertainment product for maintaining health and safety standards in inflatable theme parks, soft plays and aqua parks across the globe. As the leading global supplier to the trampoline park market, every year we deliver millions of unbeatable quality and price custom branded trampoline grip socks worldwide.

Our vast number of clients speak for themselves, that’s why we are the number 1 branded vendor to trampoline parks globally. We dominate the trampoline industry with strong coverage in Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America and the Middle East.

Prove your dedication to customer and staff health and wellbeing, and add a layer of protection to your business with Samurai Antibacterial Grip Socks.

The same Samurai high quality, now even safer. Find out more, contact us now.