Motivating staff can be tricky, the last year has been tough for individuals and businesses across the globe, especially for those in the active entertainment industry. With the world slowly regaining some normality and research finding that engaged staff are 17% more productive, it’s never been more important for you to focus on team motivation, retention and engagement right now.

Happy employees provide a better level of customer service, and with 70% of customers spending 13% more money when they get excellent customer service it has never been more important for your business to have a happy team!

Here are our  top 9 tips for low cost and free ways you can motivate your team, and boost your business as a result.

  1. Say hi – a simple ‘hello how are you?’ is all you need to make someone feel noticed, take a little time to get to know your team.
  2. Recognition – don’t underestimate the value of recognising your staff for achievements, great service and praising effort. By offering well deserved recognition you will encourage them to continue with the hard work and will go a long way to boosting their engagement.
  3. Incentives – introduce staff incentives for increased merchandise sales or getting positive feedback. You don’t have to spend a lot, often an afternoon off, vouchers or just winning and praise is enough to affect staff motivation.
  4. Be transparent – well informed employees feel invested in your business and offer a better service. Keep your staff updated on what’s happening to help them feel included and invested in the outcome. Try holding team meetings and ask for their input on offer or new team incentives, this makes them feel like you value their opinion and boosts morale.
  5. Uniform – providing staff clothing helps promote a sense of belonging to a team, improving productivity and making employees “brand ambassadors” outside your trampoline park or active entertainment venue. From simple essential tees to fully branded clothing ranges, uniforms also improve customer relations and provides your venue with additional advertising!
  6. Be flexible – if you are able to let your staff have a say in when they are able to do shifts to offer more flexibility, they will be focused on their day at work rather than wishing they were somewhere else. We know organising staff rotas can be tricky, but offering some flexibility over shifts will help engage your team.
  7. Offer training and development – well trained staff feel more enabled to do a better job, reducing employee turnover, increasing staff motivation and improving productivity. Work with your team to determine clear training paths with objectives, then work with them to help them achieve these goals to not only help your staff feel valued, but also boost your business!
  8. Be honest – don’t let negative feedback impact their motivation, talk through any criticism or complaints with them to find out the bigger picture and see where you can work together to improve it for the future to make it a way to move forward and improve instead.
  9. Team activities – by organising team games, activities or parties, whether they are subsidised or not, your employees will leave feeling happier, more motivated and like they are part of a team.

If your employees are happy and smiling, then your customers will be too! Creating a positive working atmosphere in your trampoline park will boost employee satisfaction, increase productivity, improve retention, and ultimately make your park more profitable.