As the leading vendor of trampoline park grip socks we manufacture a massive volume of socks. Over the years we have produced all sorts of custom made grip socks in terms of design, fabric, gel type, etc. You name it we have probably made it! As we produce so many grip socks I thought it would be interesting to share some of our recent designs and explain how the process works when a customer wants to order some socks in bulk with their park logo. Our recent designs may provide some inspiration for your next sock design and for driving revenue in your park.

How we Work with Customers

The following is a brief summary of how we work with customers from the briefing stage all the way through to when we deliver socks to a park:

1) Initial consultation with one of our Global Account Managers. This helps us to understand the customer’s requirements and includes discussing the total volume of socks, types of socks required, number of deliveries, warehousing, online stock platform, destination(s) for deliveries and the most cost effective and efficient way to deliver the end product.

2) We take a brief from the customer which includes gathering brand assets and guidelines. We need to know which colours we can use and we need the logo for the trampoline park. We also gather any information on any design preferences that the customer may have. Note that the design service we provide is free of charge.

3) We create a design and provide the customer with a quote. The image below is an example of a design that we would send to a customer. We tend to offer the customer a number of choices to help the customer make a decision. The choices can include colours, design and the style of sock.

4) Once the design has been accepted and approved by the customer we produce a physical sample that is sent to the client for approval. Once the client approves the design and quality after seeing the sample the socks go into full production.

5) After the socks have been manufactured they are delivered to the client’s park(s). We sometimes stage deliveries as a customer may not want their full order delivered in one shipment. We can deliver to any location and we frequently send socks to various locations around the world direct from our factory. With European and US headquarters we deliver to over 50 different countries.

Crew Grip Socks

Crew grip socks are very popular and combined with an intricate gel design for the sole they look impressive. The additional length allows for more features and details to be added.

Trampoline Grip Socks

Changing sock designs is a good way to drive sales in your trampoline park. Some of your customers will trade up their socks, before they need to, in order to be different and to express their individuality. The socks are not expensive to buy so it’s a very affordable purchase.

Core Trampoline Grip Socks

Here are a few examples of some core designs we have recently created.

Trampoline Park Grip Socks
Trampoline Park Grip Socks

Transparent Gel Grip Socks

The following design is simpler and has a clear gel with no pigment which some customers request as a coloured gel can sometimes leave marks on flooring. This doesn’t normally occur with the majority of our customers but the option is there for anyone who needs it. You can of course request clear (pigment free) gel for your grip socks if you want it purely from a design point of view.

Soft Play Grip Socks

We have developed a grip sock especially for soft play centres that delivers additional grip when climbing but doesn’t hinder the use of slides.

Custom Grip Socks

Anti Bacterial Grip Socks

Due to the emergence of inflatable parks we can add anti-bacterial properties to a sock. Here is an anti-bacterial sock we have recently designed.

Novelty Grip Socks

We produce socks for a variety of occasions (Christmas, 4th July, Easter, etc) and for Halloween we produced the sample below.

UV Grip Socks

UV grip socks add a fun element to any events where you are using UV light. Here is one we produced recently.

Neon Grip Socks

The grip socks below are neon and are perfect if your customers want fluorescent colours so they can stand out.

Other Grip Sock Designs

We can also create a sole incorporating your park’s logo. This sock features the park’s brand name on the cuff (which is the upper part of the sock) which is visible for everyone to see at all times as it won’t fade.

Custom Trampoline Socks

For these designs we did something a little different as one has the park name on the sole while the other with splatter marks injects a bit of fun into the design. Design elements like the splatter helps your brand to stand out and as suggested above, is good for up-selling purposes.

Do you have a Design you would Like?

We like a challenge so if you have a particular design you would like please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

My name is Peter Fuller and I head up Samurai’s Sports Division. At Samurai Trampoline Products we specialise in products for the trampoline park industry to include trampoline grip socksparty packscustom clothingkey accessories and retail products. We are the #1 global wholesale supplier of branded merchandising products for trampoline parks and please contact me to find out how we can help your business grow.