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Leave a lasting impression with high impact party solutions. We understand every trampoline park or active entertainment client is different, that’s why we offer different party solutions.


Parties are a key revenue stream for active entertainment venues

Hosting a party at your park is about delivering a special experience to your guests, not only to create a memorable experience but also to encourage repeat happy customers and the resulting recommendations online and via word of mouth.

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We understand every client is different, that’s why we offer different party solutions: custom party packs and generic party bundles

Our Party Ranges

Custom party packs

A party pack should enhance customer experience, be of true value and be an extension of your brand. This can be best achieved through a bespoke design.

With our specialist active entertainment centre party packs you will have a range of exciting items that children will love, which will continue to market your business well after the party ends!

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Generic party bundles

Brand new for 2019! We provide everything you could possibly need to make your parties more memorable at an affordable cost.

Our exciting new generic party bundle range includes tableware and party bags with fillers, and feature some favourite children’s characters such as Disney’s Frozen, Avengers, LOL Surprise Dolls, Emojis and more.

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We live and breathe custom active entertainment products

How party packs can boost your business

The key is to make your birthday parties the best in town to boost revenue and future business. By providing party packs for your customers you can see a significant impact on your trampoline park or active entertainment centre. Including:

  • Boost profit
  • Deliver a memorable experience
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Provide upselling opportunities
  • Increased revenue avenues
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We have more custom branded products in our portfolio…

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