Elite Performance Trampoline Socks

Taking your custom grip sock to another level with premium materials, extra features and intricate custom weaving options.
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Custom Elite Performance Grip Socks

Featuring all the high performance level features of our Pro performance socks range, the Samurai Elite performance sock takes your custom sock to another level.

Our Elite performance sock offers intricate custom weave options into the main panel body of the socks. This allows the capture of more detail and customisation to make your sock truly stand out as a market leader and increase the brand compatibility.

With the increased compression features around the ankle and the mid foot section, the Elite Performance sock not only looks stunning, it is the best performing grip sock in the industry.

Key Features of our Elite Grip Sock

The Samurai trampoline grip sock is renowned for the quality, price and the service we offer.


Our performance trampoline park grip socks stand unrivalled for the quality and features they possess. They are proven and continue to be the most used wholesale grip socks in the industry.


Our custom trampoline grip sock is proven to be exceptional value for money in all territories we operate in.


We are the leading Trampoline Sock Supplier globally. Our industry experience and knowledge allows us to work with you to develop your personal custom grip sock service plan. Aligned with a variety of other service options from planned bulk order programs to warehousing and online ordering portals.

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