Glow Branded Products

Make your active entertainment facility stand out with glow active entertainment products.

Revenue from events and parties can boost your park profit all year round.

By offering themed activities you can attract a new stream of customers, plus increase spend per head from returning customers to help boost your bottom line.

You can enhance your party experience by offering glow parties, it’s popular with visitors of all ages! Socks, shirts, sweatbands, wristbands and many other accessories will add another dimension to your events and increase spend per head in your facility.

Trampoline Park Glow Products

With our full range of UV custom branded products, Samurai provide everything you could possibly need to throw the ultimate trampoline park glow parties. We have over 15 years’ experience providing brand boosting product ranges for our customers.

By custom manufacturing with our network of specialist factories around the world we provide any glow product you require. Because we design and manufacture each item, we can create any size, matched to any colour and brand the items in any position, using a whole range of branding options.


Including images, descriptions, pricing, all ready to go straight onto your website to start generating business as soon as possible.

Glow product range

UV socks

Special ultraviolet reactive fabric to make your grip sock glow in the dark.

trampoline grip socks for your Valentine

Neon socks

Neon grip socks in a range of fluorescent colours to truly stand out.


Value for money collection of different coloured glow shirts are the perfect way to add some fun to your glow events.

Glow dodgeball

Custom neon trampoline dodgeballs that react in UV lighting conditions.

Glow accessories

Enhance your glow party experience by offering shirts, sweatbands, wristbands and other accessories.

Staff uniforms

Fully embrace the theme by including glow properties in your staff uniform design.

We have more custom branded products in our portfolio…

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