Pro Performance Trampoline Socks

Made from premium materials with extra features, our Pro Performance Sock option offer market leading trampoline park socks
Pro performance trampoline grip socks

Custom Pro Performance Grip Socks

Developed specifically for the indoor active entertainment industry, the Samurai Pro Performance Trampoline Sock is a premium option that carries an enhanced range of features for safety and customer appeal.

Features a larger shaped compression band through the mid-sole, feature weave patterns, longer cuff length that enables advanced compression. With the use of heavier weight premium thread our Pro Performance Sock is a market leading trampoline sock option.

Key Features of our Pro Performance Trampoline Grip Sock

The Samurai trampoline grip sock is renowned for the quality, price and the service we offer.


Our performance trampoline park grip socks stand unrivalled for the quality and features they possess. They are proven and continue to be the most used wholesale grip socks in the industry.


Our custom trampoline grip sock is proven to be exceptional value for money in all territories we operate in.


We are the leading Trampoline Sock Supplier globally. Our industry experience and knowledge allows us to work with you to develop your personal custom grip socks service plan. Aligned with a variety of other service options from planned bulk order programs to warehousing and online ordering portals.

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