Soft Play Socks

Our Soft Play Sock is the very latest innovation in active entertainment products, made with safety, hygiene and fun at the very core specially for indoor playgrounds.
Soft play grip socks for Indoor Play and Soft Play Venues

Custom Soft Play Grip Socks

The latest innovation in active entertainment products, made with safety at the very core. We have developed a grip sock exclusively for soft play centres, crafted specially to provide the ultimate soft play grip sock solution.

Antibacterial Grippy Soft Play Socks

Perfect for active little ones

Our specialist soft play grippy sock provides traction for climbing without hindering use of slides. Using the ideal material composition for stretch properties and a compression area for support, ensures a secure fit to minimise loss of socks whilst playing and with antibacterial properties to help control the spread of germs, our socks provide the perfect combination of comfort, safety and practicality

Indoor Playground Socks

Offering the ultimate safety for your guests, whilst also providing a wearable marketing tool for your business.

Soft Play Socks For Sliding with Partial Gel


Like our trampoline socks, the soft play socks are customisable to show off your brand, they can also come with the following updated features to enhance customer experience and ultimately add another excellent revenue stream for your business.

Inflatable Park Grip Socks - Inflatable Planet Socks

Antibacterial Properties

Our soft play socks help prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria in the fabric, ultimately warding off unpleasant odours. The socks have been finished with an antibacterial treatment which is the fastest and easiest way to solve this issue.

Antibacterial Socks for Inflatable Parks Inflataspace

Bespoke Gel design

The partial foot gel design has been developed to enhance the soft play experience whilst running and climbing but does not inhibit sliding.

Toe Gel Inflatable Socks - Sprett Inflatable Park Socks

Ankle Protection (Optional)

We have developed a sock with a slightly longer ankle that has padding on the ankle bone area to protect from knocks.

Antibacterial Ankle Protection Socks

The latest innovation in active entertainment socks

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