Not only do you need to differentiate your trampoline park from the competition, to create a successful business long term you need to think about ways you can increase spend per head to boost your trampoline park revenue on an ongoing basis.

An exciting and engaging high impact retail merchandise range offers visitors a take away reminder of their visit and boosts your revenue. Retail products also provide a lasting marketing tool extending your brand reach beyond the walls of your trampoline park.

By bringing your customers’ attention to your retail products, you provide added value for customers and an increase in profit for you. Read on for top tips to boost your retail merchandise sales:

1. Impulse purchases that increase spend

To increase customer spend, place high profit small or fun eye-catching items by the till or checking in area to encourage impulse purchases. Children in particular are very susceptible to these high margin items and by placing them near the till parents are more likely to agree to purchase additional products.

2. Tie in promotions with events

Combine retail merchandise offers and ranges with special events in your trampoline park calendar. Make the most of the seasons with summer offers on water bottles and sweatbands to keep your customers cool, or beanie hats and hoodies in the winter that look stylish and keep them warm.

3. Social media promotions

Research hashtags that are relevant to your local area and your trampoline park, then use them in your posts to help them get shown to potential customers. Post promotional posts and new product updates on local Facebook groups, your Facebook company page, and add images with hashtags on Instagram and twitter to make your posts get noticed in local searches. Don’t dominate your feed with sales focused posts – just enough to get the message across.

4. Staff training

Dedicate some training time to teaching staff how to upsell merchandise, your business will reap the benefits of even just a short session to improve their selling confidence. When your employees ask if customers want to buy a silicon band or a water bottle alongside when they are paying for their entry, you bring their attention to your exciting retail merchandise range and boost spend per head with small add on items.

Gravity retail merchandise range increase spend

5. Visual Displays

In prominent and high foot traffic areas create a visually exciting display of your retail product range, change this seasonally or with events you have planned to keep it fresh, engaging and relevant to catch your guests’ eye every time they are visiting your park. Somewhere like near the café area or waiting area is ideal.

We have a selection of quality Point of Sale display options available including free standing floor displays as well as wall mounted options which optimise the display of your retail products, helping to generate sales. We understand all venues are different in terms of layout, size and space, so we will work with you to advise the best possible solution for your facility.

6. Influencer marketing

When social media influencers talk about your brand you benefit from generated awareness, increased visitors and sales as a result. Your ideal target for these partnerships are micro influencers in the region 1000 – 5000 followers. Contact them via their social media channels with a proposal that has mutual benefit, usually with freebies or paying them an amount for the promotion, they will visit or talk about your trampoline park, and wear or use your branded merchandise which will encourage their followers to act on their advice.

7. Consistent product styling

A key part of a standout retail collection is consistency, make sure your products are all instantly recognisable with your trampoline park brand. Quality and appeal are key aspects of encouraging customers to spend extra money on your products. Also don’t forget the retail product packaging, this will go a long way to ensuring your retail products look premium and desirable, rather than tatty and tacky.

8. Keep it tidy

Dust, clean, and keep products tidy to make sure your retail collection is always as attractive as possible.

Freedome retail merchandise range

9. Point-of-sale and other marketing

Customers don’t plan on buying additional items whilst at your trampoline park. The job of POS marketing is to make them not want to leave without buying something from your retail product collection. This includes printed materials like display stands, posters, signs, TV screens and external adverts that are strategically placed at point-of-sale (the ticket till area) or in high traffic locations around your trampoline park.

10. Local sponsorship

Show potential customers you care (and benefit from additional promotional opportunities!) by donating your retail products to local charity events. You benefit from great marketing, whilst also boosting your brand reputation and encouraging customers to purchase goods if they don’t win!

11. Freebies when buying season passes

Encourage high ticket spend (season passes) by sweetening the deal with a free product on purchase, they will feel rewarded, which will also help towards them wanting to expand their collection of your merchandise.

12. Exciting product ranges that increase spend

Wow your customers with an amazing retail product collection, make sure you have the latest trends, crazes and eye catching products that will generate sales. And don’t forget to refresh your trampoline park retail collection regularly with new products to appeal to repeat visitors.

We have years’ of experience creating revenue boosting retail merchandise collections for trampoline parks. Samurai can create a full merchandising range packed with key products that have proven success in boosting your bottom line. We really can create any product that can increase spend for anyone, call +44 (0) 208 751 2222 or email us on today to find out how we can help increase spend in your trampoline park.