Effective branding is crucial in order to gain trust and awareness of your brand. When done well, a custom character will bring huge benefits to your company and open up your marketing. A mascot can become synonymous with a brand and evoke instant recognition. Since a mascot is adding a persona to your brand the possibilities of what you can do with it are endless.

One of the first mascots was the Michelin Man. Believe it or not the Michelin Man was introduced in 1898! And today some 124 years later, is still used in Michelin tires’ marketing. Of course he has evolved through the years but ultimately he is the Michelin brand.

Recently we have seen a rise in companies requesting customised plush toys, and it isn’t exclusive the entertainment industry. Take a look at these guys that we developed for Horizons Family Solutions, the educational characteristics of the toy were designed in line with the work that Horizons Family Solutions do with preschool children.

Here we will take a look at some fantastic reasons why adding a character to your brand is a must.


Boost Appeal Through Emotion

We are in the business of entertainment. The mission of your indoor entertainment venue is firstly to appeal to the parents that are online searching for activities that their kids will love. As parents a brand that promotes a child friendly, caring ethos will be appealing. All parents want to trust that their children will be safe in your facilities and, of course, that they will enjoy themselves. A custom character mascot cannot help but conjure up images of fun, tapping into the nostalgia of their own childhoods.

Likewise a character is bound to appeal to youngsters. Although they may insist that they are much too cool even older children enjoy a mascot, similar to their parents it plays on their nostalgia (as much as they wouldn’t like to admit it.)

Depending on your demographic and brand image you can make your mascot cool, trendy, cute, cuddly – whatever you choose – it can be as unique as your brand!


Custom Characters Open Up Huge Marketing and Aftersales Potential

By adding a character to your brand you are opening up a world of marketing and additional sales opportunities.


Bespoke Soft Toys:

 Your brand character can be made into a soft toy. Who doesn’t love a soft toy? Kids will love to see the mascot brought to life in a toy that they can take home. It is a perfect cost effective purchase that a parent will be happy to make after a visit to your indoor entertainment venue. Soft toys are seen to be less gimmicky than plastic pocket money toys that end up in the bin. They are much more sustainable as they tend to get passed on to siblings or donated to schools and nurseries. They are rarely thrown away. When the right price point is hit, coupled with effective point of sale marketing you will find your soft toy mascots jumping off the shelf.

A soft toy, when branded, is much more than just a toy. Younger children are well known for carrying around their toys, when your logo and branded soft toy is doing the rounds at play groups, schools runs and parties it is effectively free advertising. Next time a mum is searching for something to do with their kids they will remember the toy they saw in the park and be drawn to your brand.

All of our soft toys are produced in an experienced facility so you can rest assured that they are safe and compliant with stringent toy manufacturing regulations.

Bespoke Soft Toys Plush Characters

Custom Character Merchandise:

Of course older children probably aren’t interested in a soft toy. However there are still ample opportunities to feature a character on merchandise that will both catch their eye and be of use to them. Drinks bottles, clothing, bags, keyrings, even character socks at your trampoline park, aquapark or playcentre.

Much like a soft toy, when a customer leaves your premises with a branded bottle, for example, it will be in front of a whole new group of potential customers. If you nail your bespoke character design with eye-catching colours their friends will notice the branding giving you free exposure.

Character branded merchandise

Highly Customisable:

When you choose to create a mascot for your brand you will be pleased to know that soft toys and merchandise are all highly customisable. You can design a mascot to truly personify your brand. This could be with the animal you choose, the print on any material, the colour of their fur/skin, the clothing that they are wearing. It is even possible to have your logo embroidered directly onto the soft toy.

Clothing and merchandise featuring your custom character is easily customised with your design.


Bespoke Character Mascot Visits:

Character visits are a crowd puller. Younger children love to meet a mascot, a life size mascot of your brand can be advertised as part of an event. Once they have met them, parents will find it hard to say no to their child’s pleas for a little branded toy to take home. Our expertise goes beyond toys and merchandise – we can also create your own customised mascot costume. All you need is someone to fill it! We brought the SUMMIT Trampoline Parks character to life with a costume, manufactured to a high standard to endure the most rambunctious children and withstand multiple uses.

A superb addition to a birthday party package is a visit from your custom character mascot. Boost sales by adding optional soft toys or branded merchandise to your birthday party packages as a party favour.

Trampoline Park Mascot Costume

Creative Marketing Content Featuring Your Custom Character:

When you have your brand mascot you can use them to create some fantastic content for your marketing channels. As a personified character you can have your mascot doing all sorts of fun, interesting and educational things. They can star in explainer videos regarding safety procedures, fun social media content can be created around their antics. With the introduction of a custom character you can be as creative as your imagination will allow.


What character would you like for your brand?

Get in touch today – we can help you bring your active entertainment venue brand to life with a brand character and a revenue boosting range of branded merchandise! We have manufactured custom mascots for SUMMIT Trampoline Parks, Plush Toys for Jump Giants and bespoke clothing, party packs and even grip socks featuring some beloved FEC brand characters.

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