For those of us who were subjected to wearing a uniform in their school days, often the word uniforms can bring back bad memories. Thankfully we have come a long way from the shapeless polo shirts and ugly fleeces of those days!

In a customer facing business like a trampoline park, offering your staff a well-designed, functional uniform makes good commercial sense. You spend a lot of time and effort on presenting your trampoline park in the right way, so it is logical to put as much effort into the presentation of your employees. Creating workwear options for your employees can be as simple as placing an embroidered logo on clothing essentials like t-shirts or can stretch to a full range of apparel including hoodies, a range of tops, and trousers.

The potential to boost to your brand and your business as a result of an effective staff uniform can’t be ignored! From improving brand awareness and impression, creating team spirit, improving safety and driving merchandise sales, there are many benefits of effective staff uniforms. Read some of our top benefits below:

Brand identity

Your logo, park colours, custom sock design, branded merchandise, marketing communications, website and more all work together to help your customers identify you as a brand. When your brand is well-established, guests will recognise you and which builds loyalty as a result. A branded uniform adds personality to your trampoline park which helps your customers feel like you care about them.

  1. Brand awareness

Staff uniforms are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools! The brand awareness that is generated from well-presented staff wearing their workwear outside of your trampoline park is invaluable – the more places your employees travel in their uniforms the more advertising you get. An eye-catching design that fits with your branding will make your trampoline park become instantly recognisable, helping to boost your business.

  1. Team spirit

Whether you have one trampoline park or one hundred, a branded company uniform creates a sense of loyalty, company pride, equality and unity amongst employees, which in turn improves teamwork and productivity. By investing in a well-designed quality uniform your employees will feel valued, which also helps to foster team spirit – and don’t forget staff work harder when they feel like they are appreciated. Looking for employee engagement tips? Read our staff motivation blog here.

  1. Helping your employees

Saving your staff money from having to purchase clothing that is suitable to be worn in an active role like court monitoring, saving them time and stress of having to decide what to wear each day to work, leaves a lasting feeling of positivity.

  1. Customer relations

Consistency in appearance provides your guests with a positive impression, from the first welcome at reception and the safety briefing with court monitors, to being served at the café and hosting a party. Uniforms give the impression of competence that the staff member is experienced and trained. If guests have a problem on the court then they can easily identify an employee that can help when they stand out in a branded uniform. Easily identifiable employees also saves customers from that embarrassing moment of asking another guest for help!

  1. Psychological

Psychologically our clothes influence our attitude. We have certain items of clothing we may associate with relaxing at the weekend, exercising, or professional workwear, which then impacts our outward manner. By introducing a uniform, your employees will associate those items of clothing with a good day’s work, so will have a positive mind-set when they arrive on shift. Plus well designed items will make your team will feel good in the clothes, which will in turn improve their mood.

  1. Merchandise sales

Take inspiration from your uniform into designing your branded merchandise, making retail accessories that are as desirable as they are wearable. Children who look up to staff with amazing bouncing abilities will want to wear clothing to look like their idol, or even just show off that they have visited the best trampoline park in the area!

  1. Eliminate dress code

A dress code in a trampoline park is necessary for obvious safety reasons. It is embarrassing for team members when they are called out for wearing inappropriate clothing, so staff uniform eliminates the need for enforcing a dress code. You can be sure that your employees look well-presented and are safely dressed at all times.

When it comes to staff uniforms, whether you already have one that needs updating or are looking at a new design from scratch there are a few key things to consider:

  • Quality – higher quality products will save you money in the long run. Cheaper uniforms won’t last as long as a good quality one, which will mean you will have to replace them more frequently. The same goes for trampoline socks, our high-quality grip socks will last bounce after bounce.
  • Comfort – working in a trampoline park is an active role, make sure your uniforms allow your team the flexibility they need to effectively monitor your park for safety.
  • Style – well designed uniforms help instil a sense of pride and responsibility and can convert employees into brand ambassadors outside your trampoline park.
  • Colour, fabric and fit – matching your brand colours in a breathable, high quality fabric and with a range of different fits for different body shapes is essential for creating an effective staff clothing range.
  • Range of options – depending on the location of your trampoline park you may need to consider winter or summer options and additions to make sure your employees are appropriately dressed for the seasons, there is little point in having a well-designed uniform if your staff are going to cover it up when they are cold!

Whether you are buying a trampoline park uniform for the first time or seeking a new supplier, we have the solution for you. We supply staff uniforms custom designed to your brand utilising our expertise in design, manufacture, logistics, branding and full account management. With incredibly low order volumes, technical features and value pricing, having your own customised trampoline park clothing collection has never been easier. Contact us now.