Bring your brand to life with custom grip socks. Trampoline grip socks are an essential component of your business that gives you both a financial return and a promotional opportunity through a wearable marketing tool.

Buying a high quality grip sock is essential, not just for the potential to boost your business, but also as they represent your trampoline park brand.

The benefits of opting for a custom grip sock speak for themselves, from boosting your profits and saving you money, to increasing customer safety and reducing hassle for you. Read our top reasons for choosing custom branded trampoline grip socks below:

1. Brand awareness – using your brand guidelines and high detail woven logo to create an eye catching and vibrant design that is totally unique to your trampoline park.

2. Marketing tool – custom trampoline socks are a great marketing tool that can be used to promote your brand whilst driving sales.

3. Choice of styles – from premium to lightweight, ankle to calf length, when you opt for a custom sock design our account managers will determine the best option for your budget, ideas and style.

Calf length custom grip socks

4. Unique to your brand – with Samurai, your grip socks are designed exclusively for you. We have thousands of thread colours so we can ensure your sock is completely on brand with your trampoline park – there are even glitter and UV options to make your brand pop even more!

5. Boost sales – Producing your own custom sock allows you to create a brand identity, this doesn’t have to remain solely with socks, this gives you the creative direction to launch other items such as staff uniform, retail clothing, party packs, wristbands and more.

6. Bespoke gel pattern and colour – not only eye-catching, our specially designed patterns in a high grip gel create the perfect level of friction for trampolining to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

custom trampoline grip socks

7. Design to appeal to kids – children like to collect socks to show their friends or will take their favourite socks to other parks. Our innovative in-house design team have created thousands of eye-catching bespoke sock designs so your design is guaranteed to be popular with customers of all ages.

8. Quality guarantee – poor quality products can not only potentially cause injury to your customers, but can also damage your brand reputation. All our custom grip socks have been thoroughly tested before coming to the market to ensure they are the high quality product you expect for your trampoline park.

9. Comfort and support – our performance socks are comfortable and include wicking properties and details such as arch support and cuff compression provide a snug and supportive fit.

10. Seasonal/novelty options to increase sales – Easter, Halloween and Christmas are great times of year to launch new sock designs. Children love collecting all the cool and colourful designs.

11. Support your disclaimer – by having your own brand trampoline park socks, and not allowing other lower quality grip socks in your park, you ensure you are creating a safe environment for your customers.

12. Cost-effective – as we source our high quality trampoline socks from our specialist factories in the far east you will always pay the best price.

13. Make sure you always have stock – with our affordable, reliable warehousing services in the UK, US and China and fully bespoke webstores you never have to worry about storing bulk quantities of socks. So you benefit from the cost savings of large order quantities and regular deliveries to make sure you never run out of socks.

14. Hassle free – we cut out the middle man, at Samurai we handle the whole process from design to account management to logistics. We make the whole process smooth and easy for all our clients, keeping our prices low with no hidden costs.

The Samurai high quality custom trampoline sock prices are simply the best value in the industry. As the leading global supplier to the trampoline park industry, every year we deliver millions of unbeatable quality and price custom branded socks grip socks worldwide. Whether you are looking for a custom sock design or a generic unbranded option, our sock quality and price can’t be beaten. Get a quote now.