How Samurai grip socks are the best solution for your active entertainment venue

When is a sock more than a sock?

When they are Samurai grip socks – that’s when. Not only are grip socks essential for customers’ safety when enjoying trampoline parks, soft play, inflatable parks and aqua parks, but they also offer a fantastic revenue stream for your facility.


Benefits of working with Samurai

Some people are still of the opinion that dealing directly with a factory in China to order their grip socks is the best way. This is not the case.

The main reasons that companies chose to deal direct is that they believe:

  1. It will be cheaper
  2. Things will be easy as they are cutting out the middleman

What they don’t realise is how much work goes on behind the scenes. From shipping costs to quality issues to communication difficulties, there is a lot more to the process than just ‘ordering some socks.’

At Samurai we provide our customers with a complete end-to-end solution. Your order will be taken care of from concept to delivery by us. We can even arrange a delivery schedule, so you don’t have to worry about the space to keep stock. It is our mission to handle the process for you – removing all the stress and hassle of the procedure so that you can focus on driving your business forward.

Samurai Active Entertainment Products are proud to be the leading global supplier to the indoor sportainment industry. Each year we deliver millions of bespoke, high-quality custom grip socks around the world. With such an established reputation in the industry, we are able to secure the best prices which we, in turn, pass on to our clients.

Custom grip socks are what we do best! We know that your brand is your business, and it needs to be represented in the best way on all your branding opportunities – including your socks! The quality of our branded products is second to none. Unlike a factory in China, which simply take your order, we have a fantastic design team at your disposal. If you are looking to add a little something more to your grip socks, then look no further.

We have invested a lot of time and resources on improving and developing the best grip socks for their different purposes. Not all grip socks are the same. Various uses, such as trampoline, inflatable, aqua and soft play, require different types of grips, weaves and premium materials. Using feedback from our clients and our extensive experience we are confident that our grip socks offer the best quality and comfort.


Our amazing range of Samurai grip socks

Performance sock

The Samurai performance custom grip sock is our most popular choice amongst our clients. It is the benchmark in trampoline socks for the industry. Offering excellent quality, comfort, performance and value for money.

Selling in hundreds of FEC venues globally, our performance sock is the go-to choice for our clients seeking the best value without compromising on performance features. The affordability of our performance sock is largely due to our position in the industry which enables us to secure the best pricing and pass this on to you. Ready for your logo and custom design you will not be disappointed with these Samurai grip socks.

“Amazing customer service and great prices on products. Would recommend Samurai to anyone”

Amp’d Adventure Park, USAAmp'd Adventure Park, USA socks - Samurai grip sock - Performance sock

Pro performance sock

The pro performance sock is an enhanced version of the popular performance sock. This premium option boasts an enhanced range of features for both the utmost safety and superb customer appeal.

The pro performance sock is produced using a heavier weight thread giving it a premium feel. The longer cuff and large compression brand offer superior comfort and the weave patterns allow for intricate design details to wow your customers with a fun, bright, on-brand design.

This is why the pro performance sock is a market-leading grip sock!


Elite performance sock

As the name would suggest, this is the best-performing grip sock on the market – and it looks amazing too.

The Elite performance grip sock has the same high-quality performance features that a grip sock requires. The thing that sets the elite apart is its intricate custom weave options. Enabling the customisation of the main body of the sock allows a detailed design to be displayed on the socks making your brand truly stand out.


Lightweight grip sock

The lightweight grip sock is a slightly lower-priced option for those with a tighter budget or for those who prefer a lightweight weave for their trampoline socks. The lightweight nature of these custom grip socks is a comfortable option that features the performance features that you would expect from our superior performance grip socks.


Generic grip socks

Our generic grip socks are stocked in our warehouses in the US, UK and Netherlands, which means that they are available at very short notice. The generic grip socks, since they are not customised, can be held and called off without delay. These socks are very popular with smaller indoor facilities or those who are still building their brand.

Our generic grip socks also offer the perfect solution for interim fulfilment. Stock issues or production issues need not be a reason for stress, simply call off some generic socks to see you through to the next delivery. This is another thing that sets us apart from a direct relationship with a factory in China. If you encounter a delivery issue there is no backup plan.

The generic grip socks’ unbranded design is eye-catching and doesn’t skimp on features.

We don’t just provide trampoline grip socks, we also provide socks for aqua parks, soft play and inflatable parks.

Generic grip socks - Samurai grip socks

Soft Play socks

Our specially designed soft play socks provide enough traction for climbing safely, without hindering the use of slides  They are well-fitting to minimise sock loss (what is it with toddlers and socks?) One of the most valuable features is that these socks have antibacterial properties to help prevent the spread of germs.


Inflatable Park socks

Our inflatable park socks are the first on the market. Treated to prevent the growth of bacteria in the fabric, these socks help to keep odour at bay. The partial gel grip is the ideal design for running and bouncing on inflatables, leaving the heel area grip-free for happy sliding. If you are looking for some custom-designed, market-leading grip socks for your venue get in touch today for a quote.


Aqua Park socks

For aqua park grip socks, it’s all in the gel. Following extensive research and testing, we are confident that we have developed the best aqua park socks to ensure customer safety and protect your equipment. We have a dedicated Aqua Park sock website, take a look now:

Samurai grip socks -Aqua Park Socks for Water Park Venues