Active Entertainment Social Media Marketing Special

It’s more important than ever for trampoline parks and active entertainment venues to be active on social media to be visible in your customer’s news feeds, boost engagement and give you opportunities to encourage customers to visit your venue.

We’ve pulled together a list of special dates and events throughout the year with some tips on how your venue can make the most of them. Packed with national celebrations, religious events, awareness days and a few funny, random ones to celebrate thrown in!

Use a social media scheduling tool to set up posts in advance to make life easier for you. Let us know if you think we’ve missed any.

Read on for your ultimate guide to special dates in 2021:


All month – Veganuary, New Years Resolutions, National Mentoring Month

18 Jan – Blue Monday (beat the blues with bouncing!)

28 Jan – National Have Fun at Work Day

30 Jan – Young Carers Awareness Day (the perfect way to show you care about carers, could you offer a special deal for them?)

31 Jan – National Backwards Day (share videos of backwards bouncing, flips and other fun)



1-7 – Children’s Mental Health Week

4 Feb – World Cancer Day

9 Feb – World Pizza Day (a perfect one to share if you offer pizza at your venue)

12 Feb – Chinese New Year, year of the Ox

14 Feb – Valentine’s Day (all about the love, could you plan a party to make the most of Valentine’s Day?)

16 Feb – Pancake Day

17 Feb – Random Acts of Kindness Day

20 Feb – National Love Your Pet Day (do any of your team members have pets? Share them on your page to give your venue a personal touch, the funnier and cuter the photo the better! Encourage your customers to share theirs too to drive engagement)



1-6 Mar – World Carers Week

3 Mar – World Wildlife Day

4 Mar – World Book Day

8 Mar – International Women’s Day

14 Mar – UK Mothers Day (Mums go free!)

17 Mar – St Patricks Day (go green for the patron saint of Ireland!)

18 Mar – Global Recycling Day

20 Mar – International Day of Happiness (what makes your customers happier more than bouncing?)

21 Mar – World Poetry Day



All month – Stress Awareness Month (did you know bouncing can relieve stress?)

1  Apr – April Fools Day

2 Apr – Good Friday, World Autism Awareness Day, International Childrens Book Day

4 Apr – Easter Sunday

5 Apr – Easter Monday

7 Apr – World Health Day (focus on the health benefits of bouncing)

10  Apr – National Siblings Day (free sibling with one full paying ticket?)

12 Apr – Ramandan begins

14 Apr – Reach as high as you can Day

21 Apr – National Tea Day (join us for a cuppa in our cafe…)

29 Apr – International Dance Day (perfect opportunity for a glow party!)



4 May – Star Wars Day (encourage fancy dress)

5 May – Cinco De Mayo

8-14 May – National Doughnut Week, World Fair Trade Day (all about the treats, do you sell doughnuts or any fair trade treats? Shout about it)

9 May – US Mother’s Day (Moms go free!)

11-17 May – National Conversation Week, ME Awareness Week, Mental Health Awareness Week

12 May – National Nurses Day (do you offer any deals for healthcare workers?)

13 May – Frog Jumping Day

15 May – World Meditation Day, FA Cup Final

17- May – Learning at Work Week

28 May – National Biscuit Day (yum!)

29 May – Champions League Final



Pride Month

1 Jun – Volunteers Week

5 Jun – World Environment Day

11 Jun – UEFA Euro 2020 begins

14 Jun – Men’s Health Week

15 Jun – National Beer Day

20 Jun – Father’s Day (Dad’s go free?)

22 Jun – Onion Ring Day (if you sell onion rings it’s the perfect day to advertise them!)

25 Jun – Bring Your Dog To Work Day, National Cream Team Day

26 – Tour De France begins

28 Jun – Wimbledon begins



All Month – Plastic Free July

4 Jul – Independence Day

7 Jul – World Chocolate Day

17 Jul – World Emoji Day (have you seen our Emoji theme generic party bundle?)

18 Jul – Ice Cream Day (the best way to cool down after a jump session)

20 Jul – Eid al-Adha

23 Jul – Tokyo Olympics Begins

24 Jul – Samaritans Awareness Day

30 Jul – World Friendship Day (bring/invite a friend)



1 Aug – National Girlfriend Day

2 Aug – American Family Day (invite your customers to bring the whole family along)

12 Aug – Middle Child Day

16 Aug – National Tell a Joke Day (encourage your customers to have a laugh and share their funniest jokes)

24 Aug – A Level Results Day

26 Aug – International Dog Day

27 Aug – GCSE Results Day



All month – Back to School, Second Hand September

5 Sep – International Day of Charity

6 Sep – Zero Waste Week

16 Sep – 100 days until Christmas! Time to start planning your activity, planning parties and getting bookings!

20 Sep – International Week of Happiness at Work (share daily social media posts of your team having a great time at work)

22 Sep – World Car Free Day

27 Sep – World Tourism Day



Autumn school holidays (actual dates vary for each region)

1 Oct – International Coffee Day (don’t forget to tell parents you serve amazing coffee), World Vegetarian Day

3 Oct – Grandparents Day

4 Oct – World Animal Day

10 Oct – World Mental Health Day

16 Oct – World Food Day, Boss’s Day

31 Oct – Halloween (Halloween parties are a must have, read our post here)



3 Nov – National Sandwich Day, National Stress Awareness Day

4 Nov – Diwali

5 Nov – Bonfire Night

7 Nov – Remembrance Sunday

11 Nov – Armistice Day

13 Nov – World Kindness Day

17 Nov – International Students Day (students love a deal! Do you offer any adult only evening bounces?)

19 Nov – International Men’s Day

20 Nov – International Children’s Day

22 Nov – Disability History Month Starts

25 Nov – Thanksgiving

26 Nov – Black Friday (customers love a bargain, can you offer a discount on social media to entice visitors)

27 Nov – Small Business Saturday

29 Nov – Cyber Monday (online ticket sales discount), First Day of Hanukah



1 Dec – Advent Begins (and so do the Christmas themed events!)

6 Dec – Last day of Hanukah

10 Dec – Christmas Jumper Day

24 Dec – Christmas Eve

25 Dec – Christmas Day

26 Dec – Boxing Day

31 Dec – NYE


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